Sunday, 14 April 2019

Dog friendly holidays in the UK

We love nothing more than going on adventures with our puppy these days. The first thing we look for in accommodation is if it is dog friendly. We found a lovely little cottage just a few minutes walk from the beach in Porth Mawgan. The beach was possibly the most beautiful I have ever been to.
Enormas and pristine with so much to explore, little caves, cliffs, a stream and obviously the open sea. So much room for the puppy to run and be free. We finally decided that he could be trusted off the lead and he was golden. Turns out he can out run a whippet! We have a big affection for Cornwall and we always dream about living there one day. I find that it is so dog friendly compared to other places we have visited. Every beach and every pub we would go in to ask if we could take Chewie in. Already had about five dogs happily enjoying a rest. Some with a complimentary blanket and a treat or two. 
Porth Mawgan was a great destination for visiting all around Cornwall. We explored somewhere different every day. As so many cute places were just a short drive away. We stayed at a cottage we would easily to go back to. Even today we thought of booking it again. It was called the Jam store.
They had another cottage attached called the Pickle Pot. The owners made us feel so comfortable and they had a lovely little garden, with easy access for Chewie. The cottage had every comfort we could ask for including homemade cake. One of the owners also creates award winning jam and holds workshops so you can make your own. I jumped at the chance. I made Raspberry as it's my favourite but Rodger gave me tasters of the variety he makes and gave me so many helpful tips. Even a recipe for a gorgeous chutney. I brought out the jam I made yesterday. I've got to say it was the nicest I have ever had. If I do say so myself! My Grandma ate a whole jar in under a week. She is a jam fiend! We were very sad to leave when the week came to a close. Cornwall is one of those places where you always feel happy and relaxed. It just seems to treat time so differently to everyone else. 
Where is your favourite place for a dog friendly holiday?

The websites we have used are;

To find some delicious homemade jams, marmalades and chutneys click here.

To find where we stayed click here.

Thursday, 3 January 2019


Hi, it's been awhile again I know.
So 2018 has ended and we have found ourselves in a new year thinking 'whoa that went quickly!' The back to reality feeling is more difficult to over come this year.
I was ready to go back to work last Jaunuary maybe I had too much cheese or I got a little bored. This year just feels different. I think it's because I have loved every minute of the holidays this time around. Christmas was so lovely, we have been too busy for me to get irritable and taken over by cabin fever. I mean Christmas is always enjoyable but this time we were relaxed and happy making our own little traditions. We didn't host so that was a weight off our shoulders and watching the puppy have the best first Christmas was adorable!
New Year was quiet and not wild in the slightest. Eating pizza with a film on and sipping Gin. I sat there all fuzzy and thought to myself this is what contentment feels like and it was so nice!

2018 has been an interesting one for me. Ups and downs, learning curves and some challenges but I always enjoy pushing myself. As the satisfaction of realising 'hey I did that' is always good for the soul.
I know that the photo above is a complete basic move but I do feel it's a good representation of the year.

My husband turned the big 30, we came to realise our life goal is to move down south.
We brought the little fur baby into our lives and along with him one of the biggest learning curves for us. Having a puppy is not easy but he is such a good boy. I look at him sometimes and my heart could burst from how cute he is!
We really could not imagine life without the little scruff.
I became 26 and as much as that isn't really a significant number in the growing old spectrum I do feel like it's been a year that I've learnt alot about myself.

This year I had some real lows and it was the realisation that I needed to stop denying or ignoring those lows and find ways to make myself feel better. That was a big step in itself for me. I found ways to change my thinking which I'm still working on. I also found things that automatically make me feel better. I know I've mentioned it before but being stuck in the house is not for me.
I love a PJ day don't get me wrong but I need fresh air. Having a puppy to walk and holidays in the beautiful surroundings of Cornwall and Devon. Even down the road as we are lucky enough to be surrounded by countryside where we live. You really do start to notice how amazing this little planet is. I feel that I have come out the other side and I just need to keep reminding myself that I always will not matter how desperate the situation is it's only temporary.

We made the decision to become veggie in January and it's been a year of living the plant life. I can truly say I have never looked back. We have made a lot of changes to our diet leaning towards veganism. My husband went completely vegan and stayed strong. As for me there is a few things I havn't managed to let go of at the moment. There is always this year!

I have started to set the ball moving with my illustrations and children's books.
I've taken on challenges and suprised myself. I've seen myself progress and learnt so much. I am hungry to constantly learn more and keep improving. I set up my Instagram account just for my illustrations, which I know it sounds silly but I was abit nervous about it. I felt like I was throwing my artwork into the world and that made me feel a little vulnerable.  It has been nothing but positive and I'm really enjoying it. Making some real connections along the way. Which I really want to make a conscious effort to do more of.

So I only have a few.. wouldn't say resolutions but things I would like to achieve I guess.

1. Drink more water - honestly drinking water is the answer to so many health problems!

2. Start to make the dream a reality -
Finish those on going projects, take those courses I've been putting off and start believing in my art enough to sell it.

3. Get the hell off social media! - I find some social platforms an endless source of inspiration which is why I enjoy using them but I will hold my hands up to the fact that I get sucked in with every notification and then lose hours. Instead of being productive I think about all the stuff I could do if I was productive. So this needs to stop as well as the constant comparison as that's never healthy and it's such a downward spiral.

Continue to feel comfortable in my own skin. - This year I have realised I have become pretty satisfied with myself as a whole apart from the odd negative thought. I want to build on this although the excess of eating biscuits for the whole of December does need to come to an end.

Essay over!
How do you feel about 2019?
What do you want to achieve? Ox

Friday, 2 November 2018

I love Autumn

As much as I enjoy Summer and this year we had a glorious one, I felt ready for Autumn to come this September. Heck, I was even looking forward to it! I think it might be my favourite season actually although I am a big fan of Christmas festivities. There is just something about how colourful and beautiful every looks. I love any excuse to wear jumpers and anyone who knows me understands that I have an addiction to buying coats! Also the fact that it is not bitterly cold yet.

This year we are really enjoying seeing the Pup having constant new experiences. He has never seen Autumn before as he was born this January. I have noticed recently how being outside massively helps my well being. Just going for a walk and getting some fresh air into those lungs can help solve a lot of things.  Last weekend we went to a local pumpkin patch, I am lucky as we do live in a place surrounded by country side. It was busy and you had to fight for a wheelbarrow which is something I would of never thought I would be doing when I lived in the City. In addition to dodging a fair few suicidal pheasants!

We decided on picking out three pumpkins and it was very much my idea but I can tell the husband really enjoyed it too. Chewie had a great time making friends as usual with lots of dogs and had a good look at the pigs and sheep. One of sheep seemed to like him a lot!

When we got home I got my arse kicked at pumpkin carving, I mean I used to be the go to pumpkin carver. Working with Children it is just something that you find yourself doing annually.
Although it was normally the basic triangle eyes and nose jobby!

Turns out because my husband is a Stonemasion by trade he is a pro at pumpkin carving. He created two masterpieces. So I felt I had to up my game and completely forgot about the reality of my carving skills. Ruining my poor pumpkin, part of it is still in the fridge hoping to be used in a soup or pie.

I have never tried pumpkin actually so maybe this is the year where I decide pumpkin is my new favourite winter staple?
You can see his creation above looking very scary in the dark. I can't say I wasn't slightly annoyed that he had won and that I should of just stuck to what I knew.
Oh well there is always next year!

What are you favourite Autumn time activities?

Saturday, 27 October 2018

The night I cried at the Birmingham Hippodrome

Photos @warhorseonstage

Although I am not the biggest fan of musicals I do enjoy a trip to the theatre. I had originally seen the theatre production of War Horse at the cinema. 
So when I was asked if I would like to see the production at the theatre itself I jumped at the chance. 

When I saw it the first time I wept my little heart out so I was already prepared to be emotional. 
Although what I could not be prepared for was the shear awe I was in when I saw the mechanical horses in front of me. 

I honestly think this is the best theatre production I have ever seen, the detail of every aspect of the play is mind-blowing. Every element deeply thought about and carried out with perfection. 
From the engineering that went into the puppet creation, the puppeteers, the wonderful actors and actresses and the simple yet effective props and scenery/backdrops. Absolutely breath taking.

I absolutely loved the beautiful songs that were intwined with the story. The raw emotion of the characters and fact that one puppeteer managed to give a mechanical goose so much personality. 
The Goose was actually one of my favourite parts.  I feel like the goose needed more of an applause to be honest! 

A truly wonderful experience and if you ever get that chance to see it, I really recommend you go and you will have the best time! 
Now I need to pluck up the courage and find the emotional strength to watch the film and read the novel!
Wish me luck! 

For more about the production click here

Monday, 20 August 2018

Alpaca Adventures

I like to find my mom presents that she would never of thought of and that are a little different,  she likes to do things rather than collect 'bath stuff' as gifts. Although don't get me wrong sometimes she loves so called 'bath stuff' but enough is enough! She adores animals in all shapes and sizes and I know shes a dab hand with an Alpaca, so I thought a day walking Alpacas and having a cream tea afterwards would be amazing.

I found a voucher on Groupon and apart from a few teething problems with booking the date the whole organising went pretty smoothly.
I originally bought this for a little day out for my mom and grandma but my mom really wanted me to go. I had never been around an Alpaca to be honest but I must admit we had the best day!

The activities were held at Charnwood Forest Alpacas and Chilli Bean Cafe such a cute place and you could tell that the staff loved the animals. It was surprisingly busy for a Monday afternoon and mostly adults wanting to walk the Alpacas. I don't know why I assumed it would mainly be children.
We were given a briefing about how to handle our designated Alpaca. As well as each given the opportunity to purchase food for them. (I'm glad I did because I would of felt really bad if my Alpaca was looking at me with his big eyes and I didn't produce the goods!)

I was given the oldest boy which I didn't realise until the end, I was previously told the oldest normally wanted to be at the back but not my Pundit he was off near the front. Although he was so calm and he happily let some others over take. Mom was given a bad boy called Jamiroquai which personally I think is an incredible name for an Alpaca, he was always at the front. We went for a stroll and walked past the Lady Alpacas which the boys were very pleased about. Then around half way through our walk we went into the Bluebell wood which was so pretty. This is were the food was to be given. Pundit was so well behaved and waited patiently for handfuls of food. Jamiroquai not so much, he proceeded to gobble all the food at once including attempting to eat the paper bag. He also did not think having a selfie was a good idea. Which I found hilarious!

We then continued our travels and walked through some further fields at the end of our walk the Alpacas left behind seemed so happy to have their pals back. I like to think they were discussing their adventures with each other. I was a little sad to give my old boy back but he was pretty relieved to leave me I think. We then went into the cafe where we were given our veggie cream tea with some sparkle. Sometimes with these vouchers the cream tea can be a little minimal shall we say, not today! We had a feast, sandwiches, cakes, scones and a serving of sweet potato fries which I was very happy about. We literally couldn't move afterwards, I definitely recommend a day with the Alpacas I told anybody that would listen about it, anyone would of thought it was a present for me I enjoyed it that much.

If you would like to find out more about Charnwood Forest click here.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Oranges and Berries

If you have been on my blog before you will know that I absolutely love the brand Makeup Revolution the quality of products for such affordable prices. As well as the easy access to such a wide variety is why I fell for this brand before the viral products came out.

I am really into orange and berry eye shadows at the moment and it isn't even autumn, crazy!
I do think that these colours can be used all year round and as much as I don't like to admit I have plenty of palettes containing similar shades. When I found the Reloaded Iconic Vitality Palette for only £4 I knew I needed it. It has such a lovely collection of golds,orange, browns and berries. Perfect for so many looks I find myself dipping into it nearly every day.

As for the Conceal and Define concealer that has some serious hype around it, I was interested to know if they hype was real... it is!
I've been after a concealer that actually brightens rather than just covers for awhile, as much as I have my trusted favourites. I wanted something new plus a few of my other concealers have been really drying out my skin lately. I picked up the shade C6.5 it is lighter than my actual skin tone but I wanted to under eyes to stay looking bright and resembling that I've had sleep.  This product is incredible and such a small amount goes so far! It really transforms your face and lasts so well.
For such an affordable price I honestly think this is the best concealer I have used for a very long time!

Have you tested any of these, what do you think?

Sunday, 10 June 2018

First impressions of LOTD

I have seen the Brand LOTD (Look of the day) on Instagram a lot lately and I thought I must give them a go. Their clothes are really reasonably priced and when I saw that everything was 60% off I grabbed the opportunity.

I have been struggling to find decent 'basics' recently. The types of tops you can throw on during the weekend and feel 'put together' even though you haven't really tried that hard.
So I saw the T-shirt above and I thought it would be perfect combined with denim shorts.

I managed to get three items for around £16 with delivery so I was very happy with myself.
I chose the Slogan tee with a rose and gold detail. A simple white bardot bodysuit, I am in love with bodysuits at the moment. So easy to style and they seem to keep wobbly bits in place nicely. I needed a white one to go with a couple of pairs of summer trousers.
I am also jumping on the lace bodysuit vibe, so I opted for a cream lace number with halter neck detail.

The delivery came quickly and packaged well. I was very pleased with quality of the T shirt for the price I paid. The medium is a little larger than expected but I am embracing that. I hate being squeezed into clothing! The bardot didn't disappoint either, comfortable and versatile.
Lastly the lace bodysuit is gorgeous, really good quality, I will need to wear something over or under it as I would be flashing to the world if I didn't. The reason I bought it was to wear under a plunge jumpsuit anyway so no problem there.

All in all a very happy customer!
If any of you would like to check them out click here.

What other online brands do you guys recommend?
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