Thursday 4 January 2024

Do supplements really work?

 In regards to women's health and prevention of recurring immune system issues. I feel there are a lot of false promises on the market. I searched high and low last year to avoid anymore antibiotics. 

The search continues for certain things but in this bunch I found some actual game changers. I really hope they may be able to help you too. 

Pro - Ven Women's Lactobacillus with Cranberry.  £18.99 Holland and Barrett 

These were recommended by a lovely lady in Holland and Barrett but in true honestly they didn't do much for me in the time I took them. I guess I could of taken them for a longer period of time but for what I needed they just didn't seem to make any changes to how I was feeling. They also quite spenny a spenny option. 

Wellgard - Vitaberry £16.99 with subscription lower price available. 

I have been taking these for around a month. Although I haven't had a big flare up since taking these I'm not sure if they are helping or lifestyle changes are also a factor. 

I have heard amazing things about these and obviously they need to settle into your system to really work. So I will continue to take 2 a day and hope they are helping to prevent reoccurring UTI's. 

Wellgard - Vitaflora £18.99 with subscription lower price available. 

Theseeeeee are a life changer! I can hand on heart say I couldn't do without these. 

It is now part of my routine to take one of these before I go to bed. If I don't for around 2 days. I become uncomfortable. Due to the amount of on going antibiotics and hormonal imbalances I experience at the moment. These have really saved me. 

They maintain my comfort levels and help with self confidence. 

Wellgard -  Ginger and Turmeric gummies. £15.99 with Subscription lower price available. 

Although Gummies can't perform miracles and I have been ill quite badly before Christmas. I do feel that these have really helped prevent the amount of germs I have been surrounded by at work such as chest infections, covid and sickness bugs. I managed to avoid these and I'm so grateful to these gummies as I think it was only with their help I've not ill consistently for the whole winter. 

High strength Cranberry extract Holland and Barrett £8.99 

In this instance I just think these tablets are not strong enough for what I need. I'm not sure what is but unfortunately I did not feel these tablets were beneficial to my health. They have some positive feedback, everyone's needs are different. So I think it's just a case of personal choice with these. 

Will you try any of these? If you do I really hope they can help you. I'd love to know if they do. 

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