Monday 15 August 2022

Turning 30

Does any 90's kid who turns 30 not refer to this film? I think not. 

So the wanting to be the life of the party but wanting to be in bed by 9pm is real. The start of grey hair, realising that there is a whole generation younger than you now that you just don't understand. Also the pre 30's panic that you haven't achieved what you were supposed to by now. All of these things are very true but.... 

The things nobody tells you about are also true. 

Such as knowing who you are more than any other part of your life so far. I've found that I am the most authentic version of me I have ever been. I know how to say yes to what I need and no to what doesn't feel right. 

I'm not afraid of what people think of my appreance. Obviously we all have negative days but I've actually embraced my 14 year old emo and let her appear once more and it feels great. 

When things get tough you definitely find out who your friends are but also friendships change. Everyone has very busy lives and the effort needs to be made on everyone's part. Although I find one of the hardest things to do as an adult is text back consistently. When you do see your friends now the time is more precious and valuable and you fall in love with them all over again. 

Being completely aware of your demons. Everyone has been through things, nobody is perfect but I'm finding being open to conversations when maybe you are in the wrong as so helpful. Also being aware of why you feel the way you do. Why those dark days have arose or those behaviours you arnt proud of seep through. Learning how to handle them and reaching out for help. One way I like to describe it is seeing the world, yourself and other people as a complete circle now. From all sides the good and the bad. Learning to let go is definitely a constant fight but taking one step at a time is progress and no matter the pace it's moving forward. 

Lastly knowing what you want in life. If you are like me patience is definitely something to work on and also not blaming yourself for being further on that you are. Although realising you are here to create your own happiness is a daunting idea but also freeing as it isn't anyone else's responsibility you have complete control over it. 

Anyone turning 30 or have turned 30 what did you learn? I'd love to know. 

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