Monday 18 September 2023

Is a sober Bottomless Brunch possible?


Before last Saturday I wasn’t sure if being sober at a Bottomless brunch would or could be successful. 
I wanted to feel included and not miss out on the variety of drinks and flavours. As I bloody love a cocktail the process fascinates me and I think I am becoming a bit of a cocktail snob. 

It was a birthday celebration and due to health problems ive been staying away from alcohol. I was pleasantly surprised that I was given a non alcoholic bottomless brunch menu at the Cosy club in Brindley place in Birmingham. This was £15 instead of £25 PP. I thought this was pretty good value as I definitely got my money's worth. As I ordered a drink every time anyone else on the table did. I've never been so hydrated! 
To the point when towards the end when I felt I didn't need anymore liquid. 
If you think about how much a lemonade is or a J20 ect when dining out. £15 was a reasonable price for the for the collection of drinks I had. 
They came out looking just as fancy as the alcoholic drinks so it was nice to feel part of the experience. 

Any food can be added off the menu and you have your bottomless brunch session for 90 minutes. The staff were attentive and made sure we all got as many drinks in that time as we could. 

My favourite choices of booze free drinks were the Watermelon and basil spritz. 
This was so tasty and looked lovely. 
Summery, sweet and herby I had lots of these. 
The second one was the Morning cooler this was less sweet and more of a savoury and minty taste. 

The atmosphere was lovely too and due to being a really hot day the balcony being open really helped with the heat and opened up the space as sometimes cosy can be mistaken for dark. 

All in all I have come to the decision that a dry bottomless brunch can be done and be done well. 🍸🍹

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