Sunday, 18 March 2018

Gilbert lodge

We recently went away for a week in the Cornish country side. We have always wanted to move down there and that week really cemented the idea for us. 

It took me awhile to find the type of place we were looking for in our price range. January and February is birthday season in my family so money was a little tight. All we knew is that we wanted a  home from home. 

I tried all the usual comparison sites but nothing was really catching our eye, one evening I found the Gilbert lodge while scrolling through Tripadvisor. I have never booked a holiday straight from their site before so I was slightly wary. Although I was very happy with how quick and easy the process was. As it led me straight onto the lodge's own website and then within a few emails. We were all booked and ready to go. 

The owners of the Gilbert lodge were friendly and gave us a little information pack via email which was helpful. When we arrived we did have a little trouble locating the key but the site's staff sorted us out right a way. We did have a little issue with the heating in the first couple of hours but once again the staff on site were so quick to help that we were happily toasty within a very short space of time.

We absolutely loved our stay at the GilbertLodge. It was everything we wanted, homely and so clean! The sofas and bed were incredibly comfy. There was a basket of books for me to dive into which I thought was a lovely touch. There was also two bathrooms and two bedrooms which was great to have that extra space and facilities. We cooked some nights and had a cheeky fish and chips followed by scones with cream and jam one evening and we were so content. The lodge was very close to the village of Tintagel which is very cute. The local pub had great food and a really friendly atmosphere. Oh and the fudge from the sweet shop was incredible. I bought some as a gift for other people and ended up eating it all! Sorry not sorry! 

The lodge was also not far away from most tourist attractions so we ended up going somewhere new nearly every day which was great. I would really recommend it as we managed to get a great deal and had the most wonderful stay. 

I would love to know your favourite places to visit in Cornwall?  

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Saying goodbye to being 25

I turned 26 on Wednesday, it wasn't my official birthday due to being a leap year baby but that is a story for another day.

It feels weird being four years off 30 as I have always been one of the youngest out of my friends, I am now slowly realising I have actually turned into a grown up.
It got me thinking about what I have learnt over the last year....

Living in your own place is awesome. 

I moved out around four years ago now but this year I have really felt content in having our own space. I think it has been having a garden and a second room to store my hordes of makeup and my stupid amount of clothes. Just knowing that everything is in it's place really fills me with joy. (That might just be my OCD talking.)
Now that the garden is a little more sorted as well I can't wait to spend time in it and have BBQs galore! If we get a summer that is!

We are planning on buying the place we live in but for now we are happy in our little environment and that is good enough for us at the moment.

Starting to be satisfied with my appearance 

Don't get me wrong this is rare for me but recently I have been looking at myself differently instead of thinking "Omg look at that belly!" or picking on what I don't like I am thinking "well this is me! like it or lump it!" I did the whole January starve myself thing for a bit but who am I kidding?
We have been reducing our processed food consumption and I have been leaning more towards a veggie lifestyle. Which I am actually really enjoying! I grew up in a vegetarian family and I have never eaten beef or lamb so it hasn't been too hard for me. I just need to find a really good chicken alternative and I will be set. Please let me know if you have tried any? I have also found some really good home work out apps too! Which do not take much time but really help.

Friends come and go

This year has definitely been an eye opener to which friendships stick and which do not.
Also to the fact that I am not upset about this anymore.
I feel that the people that make the effort with you, the ones you can really count on.
The ones that in return you would do anything for are the ones that matter.

I have stopped worrying about not having the effort and time given back to me and instead I have focused on putting my time into those friendships that mean the most to me.
As well as finding out that friendships which you think have faded actually were always there waiting to be found again. Not forgetting the new friends made along the way.

Also it is not a case of playing the blame game as we are all guilty of not texting back, or letting some friendships drift when we should be paying attention and asking people how other people are.

A new found motivation and ambition.

I am probably up there with the biggest procrastinators in the world.
For a very long time I have been dreaming about making things happen but putting them off for made up reasons. Any reason I could find really.
Maybe out of fear but in the last couple of months, I have really pushed myself and the benefits are starting to show. I have found improvement that has filled me with such pride. In addition to accomplishing things I didn't think I could. It has lead me to be excited about the future and determined to keep improving and moving upwards.

What have you learnt this year so far?

© As told by Emmi
Maira Gall