Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mini Mooning in Italy

As money was a little tight after the wedding we decided to mini moon. We had four days in each part of Italy starting in Milan and a couple of months later we went to Sorrento.
In hindsight we should of done it the other way round as the hustle and bustle of Milan and 36 degrees immediately after the wedding. With lack of sleep and a very small amount of patience. 
My new new husband did get a little frustrated with me as every time I sat down I fell asleep.

Milan's architecture is incredible from the corner shops to the beautiful cathedral in the main square every building is stunning. The detail in every last part of the buildings no matter how important they are, is awe inspiring. 

We learnt our lesson pretty quickly when it came to food and we realised you have to go a little out the way for authentic food. 
We found a gorgeous little cocktail bar by our hotel that served platters and we were in our element. 
A very easy and peaceful flight there and back helped a lot as we really needed the rest. 

In November we travelled to Sorrento. A total change of vibe. Completely relaxed and ridiculously stunning in a totally different way. 
We made the trip to Amalfi even if my partner was a little green from the coach ride, as every part of the roads is a bend. The roads are built across the cliff face. 
Incredible! We became little locals using the train and buses which was so much easier and cheaper.
We were extremely surprised by the prices of food and travel it was so affordable. 
We stopped in an apartment hotel which I think we will definitely do again.
It gives you that freedom to eat when you like without spending all the time and you have a little home from home. 

If I could recommend one place it would be Pompeii a mind blowing experience. 
The thought of the grandure that was reduced to dust is fascinating. 
One piece of a statue that was bigger than both of us, trying to get your head around how big the whole statue would of been is crazy!

We had romantic meals out with musicians playing and the best pasta for such a good price! Aswell as Gelato that you just couldn't put down. 

If the budget has all gone on your wedding and you are worried that you have not got the money for 
a big honeymoon. 
I would really recommend mini mooning as you can squeeze two or three into the year and you have something else to look forward to.
After all that planning! 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Sponsored silence for Action For Pulmonary Fibrosis

I haven't wrote content in a long time and I have really missed it.
I really enjoy sharing content about my beauty finds and where I have visited but I am finding it refreshing being able to write about more serious things.

As we all know life is not just rainbows and sunshine.
My family have been shook by the passing of my Grandpa due to a horrible disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis two months ago.
He was our rock and the man that I have always looked up to, He was always there when I needed him since I was born.
Not having him around is extremely difficult and it all doesn't seem real at the moment.

My Mom and I wanted to do something positive and help others dealing with losing loved ones due to this illness. To raise awareness and support the charity Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. A charity that was founded in 2013 by patients, their family members and IPF specialists. Working together to raise funding for research and improving quality of life.  To find out more about this charity and Pulmonary Fibrosis click here.

This charity is extremely close to our hearts as I know that personally I had no idea the extent of this illness. I had never really heard of it before and I didn't want to believe in what it would to do my dear Grandpa.

On the 6th of November we both took part in a sponsored silence. For anybody who knows either of us you. You will understand this was extremely difficult for us as we love to talk!
We stayed silent for 24 hours and my husband enjoyed every moment of it.
It was torture for me especially when I had been asked questions through out the day!
We both did it and we are extremely proud.
I can not believe how many generous people have donated, we have raised way more than expected.

I am happy we achieved this and I really wanted to share it with you.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Tea room treats

Here is another dose of honesty.
Things have changed a lot recently, I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment.
Most of the time I am fine. 
Although when those down days do come creeping it is not pleasant in the slightest.
This being said I try and get out of it as quickly as possible. 
Which is easier said than done sometimes but I find fresh air and a nice treat really helps. 

My friend and I went to a really cute little tea shop called DevoteaofLichfield in the City Centre. 
The decor was adorable and cake was insane, I also had a very yummy toffee milkshake. 
I am trying to be good with money but it was definitely value for money. 

After indulging we went for a little walk in the park and it is crazy how being outside and realising that you live in lovely surroundings. Can change your perception and mood extremely quickly. 

As my mom always says, so much so we have both got it tattooed on our leg. 
"This too shall pass" So try not to worry about it all too much because it will be a distant memory soon. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

A night away in The Cotswolds


My husband planned a surprise night away at a Guest House and Bistro called Cardynham House.
We had been there a couple of years ago and we both really enjoyed our time there. He didn't tell me anything about it,  I only realised when we were directly outside. It took us quite awhile to get there this time with Friday evening traffic so it threw me off where we were going.

Each room has a certain theme and we had the 'Pool Room' which has a private indoor heated pool with our own little courtyard. The pool turns into a giant hot tub with a Fluvo wave-making machine incorporated into it.
The room itself is stunning with the comfiest four poster bed. A bed of clouds!
We did have a little panic when we realised there isn't much signal around. We instantly realised it is ok not to be physically attached to WIFI at all times and if needed you can use it in the lobby.
It was nice to actually enjoy our surroundings. With big fluffy robes, slippers and a free standing roll top cast iron bath. I was in my element.

We went for dinner in the cute Bistro attached who kindly let us move our table reservation and we didn't want to leave the pool. All in all a perfect night away.

I would thoroughly recommend it, Take a look for yourself and click here.
It's quiet and peaceful and just what you need after a long week.
I would say bring a book and some comfy shoes for walking as the village of Painswick is very petite but absolutely stunning.

Where is your favourite one night get away?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Dress

Here is my little story about finding the perfect dress.

My family joked for years telling me that they would only let me try on 10 dresses and that would be my limit. Repeatedly reminding me of the 'Black cardigan story'.  It was a story about  the ritual that every girl is guilty of. Going to the shop that you went into at the start of your shopping trip, buying the item you looked at before dragging whichever poor soul. Who had to face this ordeal with you into 50 other shops. This is a habit of mine I must admit.
As well as slowly taking everything out of basket again, because I feel I don't actually need it.
This is one of my husbands pet hates oppsie!

Anyway my mom drove past Your Wedding Shop on the way to work one day and booked an appointment. As she thought it was a good place to start. They often have sale days, where you can make offers and all the dresses are bespoke. Amazing!

So one Saturday my mom decided to grin and bare it, bracing herself for hours of uncertainty on my part. To her relief she was completely wrong.
I was nervous on arrival as I am not incredibly girly and it all starts to feel a bit more real, when your looking for the 'Wedding dress'.

Upon arrival I was made to feel instantly at ease and was welcomed by lovely staff and the wonderful owner Jo.
Who let me have a mooch at the beautiful dresses, each one unique and waiting for their bride.
The first one I put my tag on, little did I know was 'the one' at that moment. I found another one similar but with a full corset back and with extra layers. Finally a tea dress as I found a few of those I had liked on other people.  I put the first dress on and I instantly felt overwhelmed with how well it fit and how special it made me feel. All kinds of emotions took over and I just thought "I really like this one!"

I tried the next one on and it was stunning but just a bit too heavy for me. Too many layers as one of my main focuses was that I need to dance!
I then tried the tea dress on and again a beautiful dress but because I am pretty tall I just felt silly.
So I instantly asked if I could try the first one on again. That is when I knew I had found it.
I stood on the box in front of my mom and my first dance song came on. I began to feel all watery eyed. I knew, my mom knew. We all just knew that this was the perfect dress for me.

I tried on a big vintage sparkly headband and it just felt right.
The dress itself was pretty girly and nothing like I had pre planned on my many Pinterest boards.
If there is one piece of advice I can give you, when you are looking for your dress it is that...
What you think you will love, as you have seen it on other people, maybe the total opposite to what you want in reality. As when it is on you, you may feel completely different.

It was a sale weekend so we got my dress for a fantastic deal and I couldn't of been happier.
We celebrated with champagne and as my mom was concerned I hadn't eaten yet.
( I never do when I am nervous). I was even given a cheeky chocolate bar to settle my tummy.

I couldn't of asked for a better experience and I can not thank Your Wedding Shop enough.

I kept my dress a surprise from everybody apart from a few people. None of my bridesmaids had seen it so when I walked through the door. Seeing them all well up was such a special moment for me.
My dad hadn't seen it either so seeing his face when he saw me was amazing.

I wore my dress to death, poor thing is covered in mud but it held out through all of my frantic running about and none stop dancing. Fitted like a dream!

If you would like to have a look at their fantastic deals click here.

I wish you the best of luck finding your perfect dress girls.
You will just know... I promise!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Jaffa Cake Milkshake

I saw this recipe floating around the internet and I had to make my own.
I changed a few things only because I was working with what I had at the time.
It is really easy and quick to make, You probably will only need one to satisfy your sweet craving for the next week or so but it's worth it!

What you will need;

  1. Three Jaffa Cake biscuits
  2. A teaspoon of Nutella 
  3. Two tablespoons of Ice cream (which ever flavour you have preferably chocolate,  I had salted caramel.) 
  4. A good helping of chocolate milk ( I had chocolate Soya as I am trying to cut down on my milk intake.) 
  5. A tablespoon of Marmalade 
  6. I added a cheeky handful of fudge pieces why not?

I blended two or three ingredients at a time whilst adding them to the mixture just to make sure it was smooth.
Then TADA! All ready to go!

I think I am going to try making some more milkshakes of my own.
What flavours would you recommend? ox

Sunday, 4 September 2016

PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons

I would like to share with you my love for the Primark cosmetics range. Ridiculously affordable and really good quality. What is not to love! Every time I go into a store, I find myself raiding the makeup section and because it is so well priced. I do not feel bad!

These are the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons and I absolutely adore them. 
Especially because they come in dark nudes and vampy berry shades! Come to Mama!! 

I bought these three beauties to try them out and I was really pleased with them.
They are my go to lip products at the moment.

They are easy to apply, silky smooth and a lovely matte pigmentation. I really feel like they are a good dupe for the NARS lip pencil and for £18 cheaper why not try them out.

The only thing I would say is that they do not last as long as the NARS product on your lips when you eat, drink etc. Although for the money, popping it into your bag and having a touch up now again isn't a problem. You do also need to rummage for the untouched ones as some of the products have been tested. A little trick I have learnt is to reach for the bottom ones.
Unfortunately I have found this a lot with other big high street stores, who have started a beauty range half of the makeup has been poked and smeared. Which isn't too much a problem when the products are cheap. I do find that the last thing you want is if your spending £9, for an eyeshadow and you find it has someones finger print imbedded in it. 
So just have a search for the good ones. 

What Primark beauty products are you favourite?
I would love to learn more about this range and what the best products are. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

11 tips to help plan a wedding

I thought I would put a little post together with the things that I learnt along the way.
Which would probably have been better if I had known from the start.

Get yourself a planner.
I was lucky enough to be given a couple of planners as gifts when I got engaged and they were instantly a great help. You can get them from most stationary shops but Paperchase do some lovely ones. Try to get one with individual sections it makes it easier to categorise the different aspects of the wedding. You can also use it to work through for example starting with the guests and then the ceremony working through the planner. Personally I constantly went back and forth through the planner. It is just nice to have all the different bits of ideas in one place. Especially when you have little wallets inside you can pop any cut outs or important pieces of information. Also it is key to jot everything down when you think of it. So if something slips your mind it is all there in one place.

It just makes everything that little bit easier.

Lists lists lists! 
This is pretty common knowledge but lists will be your best friends!
Anything you need to buy, anything you need to do put into a list.
I found creating a list of things to do each weekend or whenever you get a bit of spare time.
Helps you work through the process, with more organisation and you can clarify exactly what is next. As well as when you do start ticking jobs off you feel like you have achieved something.
I found knowing what you have completed and what is left to does reduce stress.
Wether its on your phone or on paper make as many lists as you can!
I found the Wunderlist app helpful.

Get the important paperwork out of the way.
Depending on what type of wedding you are having religious or not, unfortunately there is a lot of paperwork that comes with the ceremonies. It is best to get this out the way sooner than later.
As easy as it is to put it off it just ends up having a hold on you, knowing it still needs to be done.
If you need to have a meeting with the Council or like ourselves we had to contact two different Councils. Try and get an appointment as early as you can.
Once that is sorted the rest of the paperwork will fall into place as most of it will be sent to you.
Also if you are confused about any of the terminology and what type of paperwork needs to be sent where. I found emailing your enquiries is more efficient.
You can contact people out of work hours. Also You won't have to worry about not being able to answer the phone, if your at work in the day etc. When contacting the Council to book your date, again the earlier the better. Try and stay patient, I will not lie to you, it may take a couple of attempts phoning them. Sometimes you are on hold for a horrendous amount of time but keep going! It will get sorted eventually! You will be grateful when you get the date booked that you and your partner really want.

Biting off more than you can chew.
We learnt this the hard way it was only towards the end when we were tired and fed up of the idea of it all. We realised we may have tried to do too many DIY elements.
I don't mean that you shouldn't do as much DIY as you like go crazy with the craft. If you like as it is so nice to have parts of the day, that you have made personally.
What I would say is if you need to spend an extra bit of money on getting something made for you instead of slaving away late at night with your super glue. Then so be it! Nobody is going to judge you for it!

Work together. 
This bit is also difficult when you both have different ideas and different ways of doing things.
When it comes down to it, you are doing all of this because you love each other and want to be together for the rest of your lives. Arguing and being bitter about the wrong type of font ect is never going to end well. Easier said than done I know, but if you feel that the planning is more one sided than you would like. Try and make it as fun as you can. The day is for the both of you, working together will make you feel so much happier. Appreciating the things your other half has done for the wedding and focusing on them instead of what they haven't will help you to keep your calm.

Be careful not to get completely sucked into a Pinterest wedding. 
I definitely struggled with this to start with. There are so many gorgeous ideas and you will want all of them. Being realistic is ok too. Obviously you can have as many Pinterest worthy ideas incorporated into your wedding as you want. Although what I have found is that what you think you want, because you have seen it on other people. Might not be what you really want in reality. I had this situation with my hair, my shoes and some of the decorations. The biggest proof of this was with my dress. I had loads of pictures saved of the dream dress and what I thought I would want.  Lacey numbers, dresses with my whole back out aswell as some tea dresses and veils. Turned out none of these were what I went for. I felt ridiculous in tea dress as I am quite tall. I also felt like I had a curtain on my head when I tried a veil. It was beautiful and sparkly but just not me.
To my own surprise the dress I actually picked was the first one I had found. It was a sheer fluke and when I stood, feeling like a princess on the box. My first dance song came on I knew it was the one!

Be yourselves.
Again it is hard not to be swept up in with what you think other people want and what other people will like. Stay true to who you are and what you like and enjoy as couple.
I think the out there personal parts are the best and who cares if not everybody understands it!
This really hit home with the music. As we grew up listening to pop punk and emo goodness.
We really wanted to incorporate that into our night even though we knew some people would enjoy it more than others. It is who we are and I am so grateful we put so much effort into the music list. With each song at least one person expressed that they thought that the song was a "TUNEEE!" This made me intensely happy.

Try not to worry about family and friends. 
Family and friends from the past will come out of the wood work when they find out your getting married. People will upset you and have ideas that you don't agree with.
You will start to worry about who is sitting next to who and that some people won't get on, but you can not let that bother you as it will drag you under.
On YOUR day if people can't bite their tongues and be civil and create a peaceful atmosphere then do you really want them there? Also If you can't afford to have your friend that you used to speak to from school and her husband you've never met. You don't need to worry!
It is your money and sometimes you just have to put your foot down.
If you haven't seen family members for years then try not to feel bad about keeping your numbers down if you need to.

Be realistic with your budget.
It is ridiculous how much money can go into a wedding.
Sometimes compromises have to be made and things that you thought you wanted turn out to not be worth the money, That is fine because the things you really want you will automatically make sure that you have the money for them.
If not you can always save up for those important things if you have the time. Then you will be more content with what you do have. That vintage fair ground ride that cost £1000 for an hour that you thought you needed, will be totally forgotten about.
Creating things yourself can save money, if you can get the resources cheaply.
You'll be surprised how many creative supplies you will collect over the planning process.
So try and use what you already have. Borrow things off friends that have previously been married. Ebay is also a great place to get items second hand and quirky bits n pieces you can throw in the mix. If you take a step back and think about what you really want to stand out on your day.
As well as sitting down before you start and write down a budget for the different parts of the day catering, dress etc. Then you have something to start from if you go over, it is not the of the world but it is calming having that original amount that you want to stick to.

When you think your done, your probably not. 
This is one of the biggest lessons I learnt when coming towards the end of the planning.
Things do end up popping up when you least expect it and it is incredibly annoying when you think you have finished. I ended up waking up at 1am realising we had no confetti!
Not exactly a huge problem but when you start panicking, just keep in mind that if you've got this far. The last bits will all come together in a matter of days or even hours and there is light and the end of the tunnel I promise.

Ask for help if you need it.
There is a lot to think about and if you need help or feel a little confused.  You haven't done this before! It is all new and can be a little daunting. People will be more than happy to help.
It is nothing to be ashamed of to get your family and friends to get involved.
Sometimes it can be really fun and if you don't want to ruin any surprises for your guests.
Maybe just get different people to help you both with different elements, so that there are still some surprises for each person.
The internet is also a great place for advice and inspiration.  Rockandrollbride has been my go to source in the last couple of months. Gorgeous presentation in their magazines and so many cool ideas that you might not have thought about. They really made me feel that it is ok to break from tradition and do things a little differently. As all couples are individual and why shouldn't you do things your way!!

I would love to know if you have any other tips and if you found this helpful?

Friday, 26 August 2016

Pretty Muddy 5K Summer 2016

Well this summer has been eventful!
A couple of months back I took part in something I have wanted to do for a very long time.
The Cancer research pretty muddy 5K.
I knew that I am not a 'run all the way' type of gal but when I found an event that had lots of fun obstacles and that was full of mud. I thought this is my chance to get involved.
A lovely group of girls took on the challenge with me, each one of us with deep personal reasons why we wanted to take part. Every woman standing in pink doing star jumps in unison was there, ready to fight for the ones we have lost and make a difference.

Seeing so many people determined to get involved was brilliant. I must say on the way in, seeing girls who had just finished drenched and covered from head to toe in mud. Was a little daunting but exciting at the same time. We managed to complete the course in just over an hour and we all screamed going down a huge bouncy slide at the end. Which really felt like we had achieved something.
Having water sprayed in our faces, mud thrown at us left right and centre really didn't help my attempt for speed and gracefulness. It was such fun and I couldn't stop laughing.

The one thing I would change when I hopefully take part in something like it again next year.
Is that you do need to train! I was like "ahh 5K that's fine!" No it is far! When you are soggy and wet especially. I was doing really well on the exercise front but unfortunately I had a car accident in June and it did knock me back a bit. Which did turn into comfort food and laziness, so the fact that I pushed myself really made me feel good.

All in all we raised over £1000 and I am so grateful to everyone who donated.
This amount doesn't include the money that was given through the paper sponsor forms.
So I bet we raised quite a bit more.

I would really recommend getting involved, it is a great way to raise money for such a good cause.
Unfortunately the dreaded C word has affected way too many of us and we need to put a stop to it!
In this age of technology and intellect surely we are capable of beating the hell out of such a horrible disease!

Click the here to get involved.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Converting to Glossybox

If you have read my blog before you will know I love a beauty subscription. I think it is a brilliant way to test products out that you would not have necessarily tried other wise. Plus I feel like it is a little treat every month. I have had heard good things about Glossybox so I thought I would convert and give it a go. Got to say I was instantly impressed.

Firstly it arrived really quickly and I noticed straight away the box was a lot bigger than the subscription I was used to. I was also pleasantly surprised by the presentation (I am all about that presentation!) It came with a little cute parcel inside the box, tied with a ribbon.
Most of the products were full size which is great as I really feel I am getting my moneys worth.
Brands I have heard of was also a plus!

Onto the products.


Popcorn is my new favourite snack so this was an immediate winner.
Gets rid of the naughty craving without the huge sugar or calorie intake.
If you can't decide between salty or sweet have both! Winner!

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil

This product I have yet to try but as my skin type is ridiculously pale. I am going to give this a go when I'm out and about. I have been loving the sun lately but within minutes I can feel my skin isn't enjoying it.
So I think this handy little product may do the job. I am wondering if I will be put off by it being an oil rather than a cream but I can't knock it till I've tried it.

Hairon Zero Crease Hair ties

These were everywhere last year and I did purchase some previously from a different brand. Honestly   I didn't really see the big hype at the time.
Although my hair dresser keeps shouting at me for pulling elastic bobbles out of my hair.
Having my hair up every day for work can also be really damaging to my hair so I am going to give these another try. They are also in a really cute pink colour so I think I will enjoy wearing them that bit more.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this product.
If you are looking for instant whoa lashes this is it, don't get me wrong I love Benefit mascaras and I have some MAC and Clinique but I am very taken with this mascara now. Only a couple of coats and your lashes are transformed into sky scrapers love it!!

Absolute New York Velvet Lippie in Lolita 

This is a lovely product, everyone is jumping on the matte vibes at the moment, myself being one of them.
This is a very quick drying light weight buttery matte lip cream, in such a gorgeous girly soft pink.
I feel it changes your look into cute and summery, I am starting to wear it all the time.

Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser 

I am not sure if it makes me look younger or plumps and firms but it is very enjoyable to use.
I look like a 12 year old without makeup so younger isn't really what I am after right now anyway.
It is silky, fast drying and smells lovely without that over powering scent also it isn't greasy which my skin greatly appreciates.

Yes it is safe to say I am a total covert to Glossybox and I can't wait to see what is next.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Learning as I go along - part 1

I want to make this a regular feature not every month as I don't like the idea of being tide down to a certain type of post but maybe when I've collected a few ideas and tips I can just put them here for whoever would like to read them.

With planning a wedding, working 40 or more hours a week, living independently and saving money all these adult things that your 'supposed' to do. Can make you feel like your swimming upstream but it's ok I promise!

 I feel like I have learnt a few things recently and I wanted to share them with you. I will do a wedding themed version when I can finally say it is all finished and I can breathe again.

Here goes;

Creating your own happiness 

I know how easy it is to depend on other people, money or even just fate to make you happy when in reality it is only you that give yourself the happiness and fulfilment you are craving.

Stress levels are high at the moment due to various reasons and I felt myself procrastinating constantly about everything. Be it getting back into my art, learning more about beauty, that dream job or losing weight. In fact all of them at some point normally when I want to just go to sleep!

I have been feeling much better this week and it is all down to actually doing something about it!
I know it sounds silly but I learnt how to use a new drawing app, I've spent time in the sunshine, filled up my diary with exciting things to look forward to. Started the hunt for a yoga class and decided to finally get on that illustration course I've been putting off. Tiny things like doing one picture that I'm proud of in my case but maybe yours is setting a little doable goal for yourself  and the feeling of satisfaction when completing it for yourself and nobody else will be glorious.
My next plan is to practise water colour and start to get fit but I'm not expecting miracles baby steps guys!

Saving money 
Lets face it this one is a never ending problem for all of us.
When you get your wages and you know a massive chunk of it is going to go on bills and then whatever is left should be saved.
Yes it is always a good thing to have savings but you have to enjoy your life too, just one top you found in the sale or that pub grub you've been desperate for can make you feel so much better and  still making sure your not breaking the bank. I mean I'm not saying lets all run to the high end shops and spend hundreds of pounds. I think that little things like getting lipstick you've been after for awhile or getting your eyebrows done can make you feel brand new.

Keeping the green eyed monster at bay.

As I have mentioned in a post before I think everybody looks at other people sometimes and thinks why haven't I got what they've got? or Why can't I have her hair, body shape, look etc?

What does shock me is young girls dressing like they are 25 the fact that these girls have Kylie Jenner standard makeup at 13 is nuts! Where is the blue eyeshadow phase girls!
We have all had our learning curves and maybe the younger generation are lucky with all the technology handed to them but at the same time, I am glad I didn't have to grow up with half as much pressure as them. I mean it is an endless battle being force feed fake perfection at every corner but maybe I am just talking for myself here. I can't seem to stop myself from being nosey, I hold my hands up I am addicted to social media!
This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you can try and not end up in a spiral of self loathing.
The internet is a brilliant place to learn new skills and find new things. I think it is a case of remembering to appreciate yourself while looking at all these celebs in bikinis.
We are all human after all.

Monday, 2 May 2016

All about the vamp


It has been too long since I wrote on this little space of the internet but with a new job and planning a wedding. Other things have been pushed aside which is a shame as I am missing those things, like my art and this blog of mine.

I know that dark lipsticks are for the colder seasons and we are meant to be swapping them for brighter more girly colours. Lets face it, it is hardly baking sunshine outside unfortunately. 
Just the other day we had massive hail storm in late April. Which is starting to worry me as we need sunshine for the big day but we have a few months for summer to actually arrive. Fingers crossed!

I have got to say I love the vampy look and I will hold onto it for as long as I can.
I think a dark lip really adds something to my makeup and at the moment the darker the better.
I have even braved a super dark purple berry colour which I've wanted for ages, I've just been a little scared to purchase one. So I went for a Collection 2000 lipstick to test the water. 
In the colour Blackberry Fool, I have got to be really careful with my pale skin that I am not going back into my emo days. Although with enough bronzer and highlight this lipstick looks lovely. Precision is key with applying dark shades especially as dark as this because if one bit is out of place and you can really tell.

Another one of my budget favourites is another Collection 2000 lipstick that I randomly bought ages ago and I wear it constantly its another dark shade in Seduction. I do love the high street brands sometimes as the price does not effect the quality in a number of their products. 
It is just a matter of picking the right one. 

Lastly the latest addition to my bargain dark lipstick collection is what I feel is a 'Gerard Cosmetics' dupe. This one is from Makeup Revolution and if you have read my blog before you understand my love for this brand. 
Such good quality for such a reasonable price. 
This little beauty is called 'Dimond life' and it is a little more pinky when applied than the others.
I also bought a gorgeous nude colour from this brand but that is another story. 

What is your favourite lip product at the moment? 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Birthday hair

Two weeks later than it should be but I thought I would share with you my latest hair.
I had an absolutely lovely birthday 'weekend'. The concept of a 'birthday weekend' confuses and annoys my partner as he says that it should just be one day. Although I think when you are a leap year baby you can drag it out for as long as possible. We went for a gorgeous afternoon tea on the Sunday with my family where my Grandparents enjoyed sandwiches and selfies. As for the day itself it was on a Monday so everybody was at work. I decided I was going to have a lazy morning, open a few presents and go and see my favourite hair dresser at Hxhair. I drove myself which I felt was a mini achievement as I was little wary I wouldn't be able to find it by myself. I must say I am getting used to this driving malarkey and I am really enjoying it. Being able to take myself places without depending on other people and feeling like burden feels so good! I opted for a grey ombre with little sections of lilac this time, I had a saucy curl just at the ends as well. I genuinely felt like I could swish it about like I was in a shampoo advert. I sometimes get scared it is a little too dark as I am used to being very blonde at the bottom of my hair. I have wanted grey/silver ombre for awhile so I am glad I went for it, I think the colour is lasting very well which is great.  

Happy weekend everybody! ox 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Macnab's go to Malaga

Firstly I will apologise for the quality of the photographs but my batteries died in my camera, so my phone had to do. 
If you have read through my blog before you will know I am getting married in the summer. So as a pre hen treat my mom booked us to go away for a few days to Malaga. We didn't realise that we were not exactly in Malaga but just outside it but we really enjoyed the little resort. A different place to eat every night and the drinks were cheap as chips. We spent the day in Malaga town which was stunning and I had real Spanish chorizo which was incredible. I bought a floppy summer hat that I've wanted for ages for the under 10 euros which I was extremely happy about. I eventually had to drag my mom out of this shop as she didn't have any room in her hand luggage as it is and she was convincing herself that she could buy everything and it would all be ok. I did have to buy myself a jumper and later that evening I went out in said jumper not realising we would eventually go out out. We ended up in this cute little Irish bar and made some friends with some locals. They told us all about the habour not too far away. Which we had no idea about. So we decided to venture up there. I say again I was not in going out attire but it just didn't matter. We had such a great night and I'm not sure which one of us was the most intoxicated. We just laughed at everything. The next day, a little tender we took the tourist bus all around the town and we went to the butterfly farm. I spent most of my time screaming as I convinced myself that the big ones were going to get me. There was a yellow leged tortoise just walking around without a care in the world which reminded me of the late baby flo. So I wanted to adopt him. All in all we had a smashing holiday. I stand by the opinion that sometimes the cheapest holidays can be the most fun. It was just what we needed and I really suggest just asking some English speaking locals where the best places are to go. As if you don't know how will you find them? Ox 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

January Beauty Haul

I have collected a few new cosmetics over the last couple of weeks.  I thought I would share them with you. Makeup Revolution have a sister professional makeup brand called Freedom. I have heard a lot of good things about it so I gave a few things a try. First up the Prostudio Strobe Cream I was going to splash out on the MAC version but I always love a dupe. It has a gorgeous texture really easily blended and it isn't greasy. You can tell the difference straight away, I used it all over my face as a base the first time I tested it out. I normally like a Matte base so I preferred using it as a highlight and it is very effective. The Prostudio Priming water I really like this product it is quick and easy to use. Dries really quickly and I think it smells like Cherry Bakewell which is my favourite. It creates a great base and I do feel my makeup stays in place for awhile I wouldn't say all day but I do enjoy using this product. Blonde Dipbrow I had been contemplating buying the more expensive version of this but when I found a variety of colours on the website for £5 I was thrilled. I went for the lightest colour and it is perfect for my skin tone. I have been after a contour product in a stick form for awhile and the Freedom contour stick in light does work well it is easily blended. Unfortunately the highlight section had broken in the post which I was a little gutted about. I also got my hands on the Cream strobe kit. I wanted a quality cream kit as the one I had previously dried my skin out. This is a lovely formula and has a great variety of shades. I do struggle with finding a contour that makes a profound difference to my face without looking orange. This seems to be doing the job so far, I was very happy that the kit came with a strobing brush, that is beautiful quality super soft and just feels professional. I feel like this brand has such quality products for brilliant prices and I would recommend trying them out especially if you are undecided wether to get certain products due to price Freedom do have a large range of more affordable options that won't break the bank.

I have seen some good reviews about the BodyShop Instablur this product is lovely to use and I felt that I could wear it without anything else. It left my face feeling smooth and even. As much as I do enjoy using this product I am not sure it is worth the price for what it does. 

Next the Rimmel Glameyes liquid liner we all know that the struggle of creating that perfect cat eye is real! I have been using pen liners for awhile but I do feel it can be hard to create a thinner line with those type of products. So I opted for a liquid one once again. It is easy to use, super black and lasts. The one thing I would say is that it did sting a little when I applied it which I think is down to my ridiculously sensitive eyes. It does stay wet for awhile once applied so I am a little wary not to move around too much as nobody enjoys looking like a panda. This product will be going in my every day make up bag though as it is great addition to my eyeliner collection. 

Finally the Benefit Do the Hoola I am obsessed with bronzer at the moment and thought this little set would be perfect for on the go. Both the liquid and powder Hoola Bronzer are super pigmented and it is lovely to have the option of powder or liquid. The set comes with a cute little bronzer brush. They're Real Mascara I will always want a life long supply of this product it is one of my all time favourite mascaras. It makes your eyelashes so long and instantly makes your eyes look bigger, without being clumpy or looking like spider legs.  The Benebalm is cute and a lovely red colour while still being really moisturising. I am not a fan of lip gloss to be honest I find them sticky and annoying. They also remind me of being young with no idea about makeup. The Hoola lip gloss is a lovely light beige colour with a bit of sparkle but wether I will use it is still not decided. 

Have you got any of these products, what is your opinion of them? ox 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

All over the internet is people stating that they are going to completely change and everything is going to be new from now on. Maybe this can be done but we all know it is a little harder than just waking up on the 1st of January a new reformed person. Some amazing things have happened in 2015. We moved into our lovely flat. We went to Mexico which was unlike any holiday I have ever been on, truly beautiful. I was asked to become a wife, which led me to experience a new kind of happiness. Starting to organise a wedding and finding my perfect dress straight away was crazy. We celebrated Halloween in Disneyland Paris where all my childhood dreams came true. I nearly cried watching the light show on the Cinderella's castle and the parades were incredible. We had an amazing time. As well as finally passing my driving test and buying my first car! It has been a lengthy process of being disappointed due to my nerves letting me down. Now I know it was because I wasn't ready and I have became a lot more confident behind the wheel all thanks to my lovely driving instructor and friend. Which I will be eternally grateful for! This year has had its bad points and serious lows possibly the lowest I've ever felt at some points. Although it really shows that things do turn around and they do get better. If you are prepared to make those changes that make you happy. I have had to grow up a lot due to having a lot to pay for. I am not exactly where I want to be but I am in such a better place now and I know that 2016 is going to be full of exciting things. I am not going to do a massive list of resolutions but I do have a few goals. To appreciate the whole wedding process and try not to get stressed about it as it is an enjoyable experience about marrying my best friend and spending such a special day with all of my loved ones. Be more positive about myself. Treat my body better and save as much as I can. I also aim to take things in my stride rather than getting worked up. As life is too short to hold on to upsets or mistakes. I do already extremely appreciate my family and friends but I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure that they know just how much they all mean to me.

I can't wait to share my 2016 with you and I really hope you all have a happy and fulfilled year.

© As told by Emmi
Maira Gall