Saturday, 18 April 2020

Creating happiness during Isolation

Ok so you had all these plans for 2020.
2020 was going to be your year! Now you feel like those plans have been taken away from you and everything is on hold for the foreseeable.

The news and death rates are being thrown at you in all directions and you just want a cuddle.
The thought of not having physical contact is clawing away at you.
The longing for normality hits you like a train some days. Everybody is doing all the things you want to do but you can not find the motivation and then feel guilty.

Any of the above resinate with you?
That is how a lot of us feel right now and it's ok. We know that life on the front line must be terrifying, people are losing loved ones and can not grieve, can not say goodbye or hold each other.. So you feel guilty for feeling trapped in a little bubble of safety when you should be nothing but grateful.

All of these feels have come into my head at some point over the last month. It is an extremely wierd and worrying time.
All though I would not recommend my new nocturnal routine as it is getting slightly out of hand.
Anybody else starting hobbies around 10pm now?

I have found a few things that bring some happiness. Yes it is hard to accept that it is ok to feel content during this time because of the awfulness of it all. Although everyone needs to create some happiness for themselves to help get you through.

Go outside
Yes I know this is self explanatory. We are all supposed to walk for miles, get a dog or run 5k.
Sometimes you don't want to do that and that is acceptable too.
I have got myself into a little habit, weather permitting to take my breakfast ( who am I kidding?)
brunch into the garden and read a chapter of a book.
It really seems to be starting my day off well and brings contentment even if it is just for a little while.

Create something, anything!
To create something from start to finish brings happiness no matter what it is. No matter how big or small. Be it baking, a drawing, the shed you wanted to build. The walls you wanted to re paint. Or some new nail polish you haven't used yet.
Even your partner's hair BE CAREFUL!
Personally painting is so therapeutic for me. It really helps me to zone out. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to look like anything in particular either. Just taking some time to focus on creating something just because, can be very helpful.

Try something new
So you wanted to learn how to crochet, paint by diamonds, learn to yodel.
Do it!! Yes it might fail, yes you might wish you never started. Although by the end of this you would have required a new skill. No matter how mundane or silly it seems.
You have expanded your skills and knowledge.  I wanted to learn to cook from scratch more.
I have inherited the ability to collect food stuff in various cupboards and the fridge. Then create a banging dinner. Yet the thought of creating a meal with different timed elements. Aswell as following a recipe always daunted me. So I gave it a go and I was bloody proud of myself!
It took time and I had to use my own judgement on quantities of ingredients. Then I watched that bunch of ingredients turn into something delicious. I have done this a few times now and I am planning on testing myself further instead of saying "oh I can't do that". I now say "I will try that!"

Do one productive thing a day 
It is very easy to become a little lost and unmotivated when every day blends into each other.
You start to forget what day it is and who you are.
So maybe try and do one productive thing a day. So you feel like you have achieved something.
Again it could be anything even if it is washing your hair and putting your make up on to feel more human. Changing from one pair of joggers into another. Doing some cleaning, tidying up your space.
Or one thing that you have put off for ages because you always have an excuse.
Try it and see!

Do what you want when you want. 
At the start of this I became very fixated on the idea that I should stick to a routine.
Turns out whenever I am not at work I become nocturnal.
I am more productive past 3pm. The other night I was sat cutting small limbs out for a project. I was doing at half 1 in the morning. Then I don't want to get up. So what?! I am still using up the hours given to me.
Maybe later than other people but no matter what you are doing or when.
There is no right way to handle this. So if you want to have a week of lie ins. There is no reason why not.

You may be thinking why on earth is this woman stating the damn obvious!?
If one person feels a little bit better by reading this and realising that there is no way they should be doing things. Knowing now that it is ok to attempt to enjoy this situation then I have achieved my goal.

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