Thursday, 20 February 2020

When KFC made my dreams come true.

I have been vegetarian for just over two years now. I have never really ate red meat so the transition wasn't too difficult for me.
I was vegetarian for awhile when I was younger and used to have veggie weeks to lose abit of weight. 

There is a farm where I work and we see all the baby animals. One day the piglets were running around like puppies playing and I knew from then on I could not consume meat. I think since having my dog I've turned into a complete animal lover and want to rescue every living creature. 

I will not lie to you. KFC used to bring me happiness. Chicken was the hardest thing for me to give up. Just because it was my main staple. 

I understand that vegans and veggies funding one of the biggest chicken product companys is controversial. 

Some of us just need a little joy in our lives ok? 
So turns out where I live now deliver now which makes my experience even more magical. 
I ordered the Vegan burger to come after my bath. How exciting!

So it arrived. 
It resembled my favourite mini fillet burger but a lot bigger. 
I have got to say it was heavenly!
I'm not sure if it is because I havn't had KFC or chicken in a long time. I could not taste the difference! How substitute meat has changed since I was a child. 
Long gone are the days of cardboard pretend meat sandwich fillers. My mom used to give me them all the time. Vile! 

So definitely a winner for me. 
Apparently Linda McCartney do a pretend chicken bucket now! Which seems to be impossible to find! I am determind though!

So if you want to come with me on my fake chicken journey. You are in for a wild ride! 

Fellow veggies and vegans what are your favourite meat substitutes? 

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