Sunday, 2 June 2019

A Weekend Glamping in Wales With a Puppy

As I sit here on a fairly miserable wet day I thought I would reminisce about our little bank holiday trip to Wales. We didn't want anything expensive as we just wanted to pack up and go somewhere and be in nature for a while. We found a lovely glamping spot where we had the cutest little hut.
We had the luxury of underfloor heating so it was so toasty and a shower over the toilet cubicle which was a little odd but did the job. It was so lovely we had access to everything we needed in a little eating space that had an oven, microwave ect. As well as a selection of herbs which I had forgotten so I was extremely happy. I am pretty easily pleased it seems!

There was a little stargazing pod and a book share which I thought was such a lovely idea.
Puppy had the time of his life as although he was on the lead due to free range chickens, he could roam the largest field he had probably ever seen and he found a suitable stick that he enjoyed for quite awhile.

We visited the local beach which was gorgeous but ridiculously windy which we hadn't planned for.
Again puppy was loving life, I treated myself to warm sugared donuts in a bag.
We then ventured around and came across a pub full of doggies.
 It was such a welcoming atmosphere and we enjoyed lunch in the sun.

We spent the rest of our time having a wonder and relaxing it was just what we needed and wasn't too far away from home. All in all the two nights cost us under £200 which was great considering it was in the school holidays. A hut is definitely my preference when it comes to camping.
As much as I love the outdoors I also love to be warm at night time so this was perfect for me!

Where is your favourite place for a camping weekend?

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