Sunday, 14 April 2019

Dog friendly Self Catering in Cornwall

We love nothing more than going on adventures with our puppy these days. The first thing we look for in accommodation is if it is dog friendly. We found a lovely little cottage just a few minutes walk from the beach in Porth Mawgan. The beach was possibly the most beautiful I have ever been to.
Enormas and pristine with so much to explore, little caves, cliffs, a stream and obviously the open sea. So much room for the puppy to run and be free. We finally decided that he could be trusted off the lead and he was golden. Turns out he can out run a whippet! We have a big affection for Cornwall and we always dream about living there one day. I find that it is so dog friendly compared to other places we have visited. Every beach and every pub we would go in to ask if we could take Chewie in. Already had about five dogs happily enjoying a rest. Some with a complimentary blanket and a treat or two. 
Porth Mawgan was a great destination for visiting all around Cornwall. We explored somewhere different every day. As so many cute places were just a short drive away. We stayed at a cottage we would easily to go back to. Even today we thought of booking it again. It was called the Jam store.
They had another cottage attached called the Pickle Pot. The owners made us feel so comfortable and they had a lovely little garden, with easy access for Chewie. The cottage had every comfort we could ask for including homemade cake. One of the owners also creates award winning jam and holds workshops so you can make your own. I jumped at the chance. I made Raspberry as it's my favourite but Rodger gave me tasters of the variety he makes and gave me so many helpful tips. Even a recipe for a gorgeous chutney. I brought out the jam I made yesterday. I've got to say it was the nicest I have ever had. If I do say so myself! My Grandma ate a whole jar in under a week. She is a jam fiend! We were very sad to leave when the week came to a close. Cornwall is one of those places where you always feel happy and relaxed. It just seems to treat time so differently to everyone else. 
Where is your favourite place for a dog friendly holiday?

The websites we have used are;

To find some delicious homemade jams, marmalades and chutneys click here.

To find where we stayed click here.


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