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April 2019 Favourites

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Film - Dumbo 

 Everyone knows by now that I am a massive Disney lover and I get very excited, with the new remakes turning up left, right and centre. Although I do feel like some of them have been more true to my childhood favourites than others. As much as they are brilliantly made. I feel like it hurts my inner child when a story line is changed too much. The original Dumbo makes me cry every time, so I knew that I would be sobbing no matter what happened in the remake. I know the new Dumbo has had it's fair share of nasty comments but I did really enjoy it and I am not easily pleased when it comes to these things.
I spontaneously went to the Cinema to watch the film on Mother's Day because we didn't really fancy spending stupid amounts of money for a three course meal. We didn't really want in a very busy restaurant with service that isn't great because they are too busy! This film must of been good because my Grandma did not fall asleep!
I was pleased with the CGI and as much as some people do not agree, I felt affection for Dumbo. I had a very pleasant surprise that Colin Farrell is in it, always a treat for the eyes. As well as a good old faithful bady in Micheal Keaton.
The story was changed in a pretty big way but I really liked the fact that they had tributes to the original in so many subtle ways. A definite must see in my book but take the tissues! It was also refreshing to see a Tim Burton film without Johnny Depp!

Series -  Fleabag

I was introduced to BBC Fleabag by a work friend. Originally told that the main character's sense of humour and quirky personality reminded her of me. As soon as I started watching it I completely understood. Without the sex addiction, insane step mom and very messed up life choices obvs!
Which my friend had completely forgot about, as well as the fact that Fleabag is actually a pretty awful person although very lovable. My friend was mortified about this and I found it hilarious.
Anyway... This series is highly addictive after the first episode I was hooked. The first TV program in a long time that has made me cry laugh instantly. I loved the fact that it dealt with some very intricate emotions and issues in a humorous way. I loved how every character had depth to them.
Olivia Colman is always amazing in which ever role she plays. I even had a massive soft spot for the
OCD, control freak sister. Spoiler alert; I can't be the only one in thinking the tension between the Priest and Fleabag was extremely well created?! It will get you a little hot under the collar if you arn't careful! I feel that as much as the Priest did take advantage, I think that his feelings were real and he could not control them. I would love to know what anybody else that has watched it thinks about this?

Music - Lily Allen, Billy Eilish , Mae Muller

 I have really been getting into rebellious female singers at the moment. 
I listened to all of Lily Allen's album No shame on repeat. 
I think she is so talented and there is such a mix of sounds and styles on this album.
Some songs make you dance around the bathroom, some really make you think.
The song Three even made me cry.
 Billy is just one of those people that oozes cool without even trying.
She has such a gorgeous sound and that is little odd which I love.
When I first heard ' Bury a friend' I thought to myself this is strange but I was drawn in.
I kept listening to her and I started to really enjoy the fact that her music is different and something that breaks away from everything else that is on the radio lately. The more I have seen of her through interviews and videos. The more I fall in love with her. She is authentic and so genuine and with raw talent at 17!
 I was hand fed Mae Muller on Instagam which normally annoys me. Although as soon as I heard 'Leave it out' the reggae sound with a bad ass female attitude right up my street!
I also really like her song 'Busy Tone' at the moment and happily stalk her Instagram from time to time.

Food - Salmon on the BBQ

 BBQ season is nearly upon us and we have just came back from a lovely weekend away in Wales. Although I am now a pescatarian I have always loved salmon on the bbq even when there were meat options on the table. I have never been a big meat eater anyway.
I am a herb obsessive and I like to make the salmon as yummy as possible.
Yesterday somebody forgot to pack the sweet chilli sauce! So I placed the salmon in a piece of tin foil and added a table spoon of butter. A heap of garlic, chilli flakes, oregano and mixed herbs with black pepper. I then drizzled some oil over the top. Normally instead of the butter I would use sweet chilli oil to make a bit of a spicy crust. As I was totally not angry about this situation I made do.
I created a little salmon filled parcel with the tin foil and it cooked nicely on the bbq. Then ate it straight out of the foil when it was ready. So tasty!

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