Thursday, 3 January 2019


Hi, it's been awhile again I know.
So 2018 has ended and we have found ourselves in a new year thinking 'whoa that went quickly!' The back to reality feeling is more difficult to over come this year.
I was ready to go back to work last Jaunuary maybe I had too much cheese or I got a little bored. This year just feels different. I think it's because I have loved every minute of the holidays this time around. Christmas was so lovely, we have been too busy for me to get irritable and taken over by cabin fever. I mean Christmas is always enjoyable but this time we were relaxed and happy making our own little traditions. We didn't host so that was a weight off our shoulders and watching the puppy have the best first Christmas was adorable!
New Year was quiet and not wild in the slightest. Eating pizza with a film on and sipping Gin. I sat there all fuzzy and thought to myself this is what contentment feels like and it was so nice!

2018 has been an interesting one for me. Ups and downs, learning curves and some challenges but I always enjoy pushing myself. As the satisfaction of realising 'hey I did that' is always good for the soul.
I know that the photo above is a complete basic move but I do feel it's a good representation of the year.

My husband turned the big 30, we came to realise our life goal is to move down south.
We brought the little fur baby into our lives and along with him one of the biggest learning curves for us. Having a puppy is not easy but he is such a good boy. I look at him sometimes and my heart could burst from how cute he is!
We really could not imagine life without the little scruff.
I became 26 and as much as that isn't really a significant number in the growing old spectrum I do feel like it's been a year that I've learnt alot about myself.

This year I had some real lows and it was the realisation that I needed to stop denying or ignoring those lows and find ways to make myself feel better. That was a big step in itself for me. I found ways to change my thinking which I'm still working on. I also found things that automatically make me feel better. I know I've mentioned it before but being stuck in the house is not for me.
I love a PJ day don't get me wrong but I need fresh air. Having a puppy to walk and holidays in the beautiful surroundings of Cornwall and Devon. Even down the road as we are lucky enough to be surrounded by countryside where we live. You really do start to notice how amazing this little planet is. I feel that I have come out the other side and I just need to keep reminding myself that I always will not matter how desperate the situation is it's only temporary.

We made the decision to become veggie in January and it's been a year of living the plant life. I can truly say I have never looked back. We have made a lot of changes to our diet leaning towards veganism. My husband went completely vegan and stayed strong. As for me there is a few things I havn't managed to let go of at the moment. There is always this year!

I have started to set the ball moving with my illustrations and children's books.
I've taken on challenges and suprised myself. I've seen myself progress and learnt so much. I am hungry to constantly learn more and keep improving. I set up my Instagram account just for my illustrations, which I know it sounds silly but I was abit nervous about it. I felt like I was throwing my artwork into the world and that made me feel a little vulnerable.  It has been nothing but positive and I'm really enjoying it. Making some real connections along the way. Which I really want to make a conscious effort to do more of.

So I only have a few.. wouldn't say resolutions but things I would like to achieve I guess.

1. Drink more water - honestly drinking water is the answer to so many health problems!

2. Start to make the dream a reality -
Finish those on going projects, take those courses I've been putting off and start believing in my art enough to sell it.

3. Get the hell off social media! - I find some social platforms an endless source of inspiration which is why I enjoy using them but I will hold my hands up to the fact that I get sucked in with every notification and then lose hours. Instead of being productive I think about all the stuff I could do if I was productive. So this needs to stop as well as the constant comparison as that's never healthy and it's such a downward spiral.

Continue to feel comfortable in my own skin. - This year I have realised I have become pretty satisfied with myself as a whole apart from the odd negative thought. I want to build on this although the excess of eating biscuits for the whole of December does need to come to an end.

Essay over!
How do you feel about 2019?
What do you want to achieve? Ox

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