Friday, 2 November 2018

I love Autumn

As much as I enjoy Summer and this year we had a glorious one, I felt ready for Autumn to come this September. Heck, I was even looking forward to it! I think it might be my favourite season actually although I am a big fan of Christmas festivities. There is just something about how colourful and beautiful every looks. I love any excuse to wear jumpers and anyone who knows me understands that I have an addiction to buying coats! Also the fact that it is not bitterly cold yet.

This year we are really enjoying seeing the Pup having constant new experiences. He has never seen Autumn before as he was born this January. I have noticed recently how being outside massively helps my well being. Just going for a walk and getting some fresh air into those lungs can help solve a lot of things.  Last weekend we went to a local pumpkin patch, I am lucky as we do live in a place surrounded by country side. It was busy and you had to fight for a wheelbarrow which is something I would of never thought I would be doing when I lived in the City. In addition to dodging a fair few suicidal pheasants!

We decided on picking out three pumpkins and it was very much my idea but I can tell the husband really enjoyed it too. Chewie had a great time making friends as usual with lots of dogs and had a good look at the pigs and sheep. One of sheep seemed to like him a lot!

When we got home I got my arse kicked at pumpkin carving, I mean I used to be the go to pumpkin carver. Working with Children it is just something that you find yourself doing annually.
Although it was normally the basic triangle eyes and nose jobby!

Turns out because my husband is a Stonemasion by trade he is a pro at pumpkin carving. He created two masterpieces. So I felt I had to up my game and completely forgot about the reality of my carving skills. Ruining my poor pumpkin, part of it is still in the fridge hoping to be used in a soup or pie.

I have never tried pumpkin actually so maybe this is the year where I decide pumpkin is my new favourite winter staple?
You can see his creation above looking very scary in the dark. I can't say I wasn't slightly annoyed that he had won and that I should of just stuck to what I knew.
Oh well there is always next year!

What are you favourite Autumn time activities?

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