Saturday, 27 October 2018

The night I cried at the Birmingham Hippodrome

Photos @warhorseonstage

Although I am not the biggest fan of musicals I do enjoy a trip to the theatre. I had originally seen the theatre production of War Horse at the cinema. 
So when I was asked if I would like to see the production at the theatre itself I jumped at the chance. 

When I saw it the first time I wept my little heart out so I was already prepared to be emotional. 
Although what I could not be prepared for was the shear awe I was in when I saw the mechanical horses in front of me. 

I honestly think this is the best theatre production I have ever seen, the detail of every aspect of the play is mind-blowing. Every element deeply thought about and carried out with perfection. 
From the engineering that went into the puppet creation, the puppeteers, the wonderful actors and actresses and the simple yet effective props and scenery/backdrops. Absolutely breath taking.

I absolutely loved the beautiful songs that were intwined with the story. The raw emotion of the characters and fact that one puppeteer managed to give a mechanical goose so much personality. 
The Goose was actually one of my favourite parts.  I feel like the goose needed more of an applause to be honest! 

A truly wonderful experience and if you ever get that chance to see it, I really recommend you go and you will have the best time! 
Now I need to pluck up the courage and find the emotional strength to watch the film and read the novel!
Wish me luck! 

For more about the production click here

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