Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Oranges and Berries

If you have been on my blog before you will know that I absolutely love the brand Makeup Revolution the quality of products for such affordable prices. As well as the easy access to such a wide variety is why I fell for this brand before the viral products came out.

I am really into orange and berry eye shadows at the moment and it isn't even autumn, crazy!
I do think that these colours can be used all year round and as much as I don't like to admit I have plenty of palettes containing similar shades. When I found the Reloaded Iconic Vitality Palette for only £4 I knew I needed it. It has such a lovely collection of golds,orange, browns and berries. Perfect for so many looks I find myself dipping into it nearly every day.

As for the Conceal and Define concealer that has some serious hype around it, I was interested to know if they hype was real... it is!
I've been after a concealer that actually brightens rather than just covers for awhile, as much as I have my trusted favourites. I wanted something new plus a few of my other concealers have been really drying out my skin lately. I picked up the shade C6.5 it is lighter than my actual skin tone but I wanted to under eyes to stay looking bright and resembling that I've had sleep.  This product is incredible and such a small amount goes so far! It really transforms your face and lasts so well.
For such an affordable price I honestly think this is the best concealer I have used for a very long time!

Have you tested any of these, what do you think?

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