Friday, 1 June 2018

Fabletics update

I am always honest about my opinions on my blog and I feel I need to share the continued story about my Fabletics purchase. As I want to be able to prevent what happened to me happening to others.

As I said in my previous post, I was pretty pleased with the quality of the leggings I had purchased.
Although what I had originally predicted the high waist band became less secure pretty quickly during my dance classes. Which was disappointing but what I was extremely frustrated about was that the following month I had £44 leave my account without my knowledge. Taking the complimentary offer of £24 for two garments automatically signs you up to a subscription that enables the company to take £44 a month to choose items for you. Then you can use the money to buy the items, you can skip a month.
Although as I didn't realise that I had signed up I missed the chance to do this. If you look on the website it is stated about the subscription but I felt it was very easy to over look.
I also found it a little deceiving that I did not receive a confirmation email of signing up to the subscription. I realised that on the order confirmation email in very small writing they had written about the details of the subscription. Again I found this a little sneaky!

When I automatically panicked as I am not sure about other people but I certainly can not justify £44 a month to have leggings picked out for me. I received a reply email to my complaint promptly giving me the unfortunate news that the money they had taken was not refundable. Although I could spend it on leggings I did not want or need. Extremely frustrating!

You can only cancel your subscription via phone call, so the next day I contacted them over the phone. I will say that the gentleman that dealt with my call was very friendly and understanding and he did as I asked very quickly. So that lessened the pain a little.

I have learn't my lesson and in reality I should of read the small print.
I suggest anyone that finds an online offer or advertisement whilst watching telly and it seems like a good deal. PLEASE read all the information first.

Has anything like this happened to you before?
If so how did you resolve it?

I apologise if this post seems a bit of a rant, I just wanted to share my experience.

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