Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Revlon Perfectionist 2 in 1 Hair Dryer review

Hate drying your hair? Me too!
I have always had a hatred for the process of washing and drying my hair. I am blessed with thick hair. It is so time consuming that I need to give myself a little pep talk before I begin the lengthy chore.

If you feel the same then I may have found a life saver.
I had been looking at hair tools to make drying my hair easier when I came across the Revlon Perfectionist 2 in 1 Hair Dryer.

This beauty combines a powerful hair dryer with a paddle brush so you can dry sections easily and very quickly! Which for me is a miracle!
It comes with the usual warm, hot and cool settings that you would find on a hair dryer.
It gets rid of tangles and leaves your hair silky smooth with Ionic technology. It seems to protect my hair from that hair dryer frizz that I am cursed with.
I honestly felt like I had just left the hair dressers after a blow dry.
I do find that after having my hair dried in a salon. My hair seems a little flat and it did seem to have the same effect after using the styler. Although with a little hair product and a bit of a boost with a comb I had the style I prefer.

I really feel like this is going to change my routine for the better!

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