Saturday, 11 November 2017

Winter sun

My mom and I do enjoy our annual girls holiday together. This time mom decided that we should go to Benidorm. I didn't know what to expect as there is a certain picture that pops into your head when people mention Benidorm. I just thought we will have fun no matter what happens.

I have got to say I loved every minute of it! We stopped in the old town where there was plenty of places to eat, drink and shop. As well as beaches as long as the eye could see. 
I am not sure if it was the time of year, being winter but I assumed the beaches would be packed with tourists. Again my assumptions were wrong.
There was so much room for us to have our own little spot and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of authentic Spanish eateries. There was a row of tapas one after the other and I was delighted. So affordable and we found some really gorgeous food. I ate so much Gelato, crepes tapas, cheese and all the carbs! When on holiday ay!
We napped and read, danced and laughed we also had cocktails the size of our heads. 

If you want a little fun break for a decent price I would say it is a pretty good place to go. 
I would definitely say the old town is place to stay. 
The lower starred hotels are not necessarily worth ignoring as our hotel was only a couple of stars but it was clean and modern exactly what we needed. 

We were both sad when we had to leave, I could easily take my friends there and feel that I will be returning! 

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