Monday, 21 August 2017

Anniversary trip to Chester

A year has come around so quickly. So much has changed and we have grown together in many ways. We wanted to celebrate in a relaxed and stress free way. So we opted for a weekend in Chester. 
We have been before for my birthday back in 2014. The blog post about our stay was not the best, although at least I can see improvement in my blogging skills I suppose! 

This time we stayed in the Abode Hotel which is around a ten minute walk from the town centre. 
I love Chester, the fact that it has held onto its traditional buildings and it has so much to offer. 
The hotel was lovely, a ridiculously comfortable bed, a little box of celebratory chocolates left out for us. As well as a cute balcony and every amenity we could ask for. An added bonus is that as well as the hotel bar and restaurant they have a Miller and Carter underneath which was great for us. As my husband is a complete steak fiend! We treated ourselves to dinner on the evening of our actual anniversary as it was a Sunday. 

On the Saturday we went to explore the shops. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that we couldn't find any quirky independent shops and that is what we like to find on our weekends away. Maybe we didn't look hard enough.
Although we did have an amazing late lunch at a place called Urbano32
I can honestly say it was one of the best pizzas I have had in a very long time!  
It was beautifully crafted with such fresh toppings and the courgette fries were to die for.
As the batter was so light and flaky they just melted in your mouth. 
I must stop describing it as it is torture for me. 

We then had a lazy room service night with a Roasted pepper, buffalo mozzarella and pesto sandwich for me. With sticky toffee pudding for dessert, heaven! Jon had pastrami with sauerkraut on Rye bread and he was very happy with his choice. 

On the Sunday day time we had the best day at ChesterZoo. I am always a little wary of places where animals are kept for human entertainment but I really was impressed. They are doing so much to help endangered species and all of the animals have a vast living environment. I was a little sad that we didn't get to see much of the bears. As I am fascinated with bears, it just goes to show how large their habitat is at the zoo which is great. We walked for six miles and I definitely needed a nap afterwards. I don't know how all the children managed to last all day as I was so sleepy in the car and I am 25! We did witness a fair few tantrums around the park and a lot of threats to go home. In all honesty though I think it is a fantastic day out whatever age you are. If you have children or not. 

FYI The orangutang is the Daddy he had a little baby sitting the corner that was just the sweetest little thing you ever did see! I am absolutely gutted there was a reflection on the glass. 
As this amazing creature looked straight at me! 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Dinner at Brown's Brasserie and Bar

Week day dinners out are my new favourite pass time. Especially with these light evenings. It just brings abit more enjoyment to the working week.

My mom and I came across Brown's Brasserie and Bar oppersite St Martin's Church in Birmingham City Centre.

Luckily the weather was glorious that afternoon and we got to sit outside.
We chose from the Lunch and Early Evening Menu. Where you can get Two courses for £10.95 and add a third for only £4. This is available 12pm to 7pm Monday to Friday which was perfect for us.

We both opted for the Smoked Salmon Linguine.
With Pea, chive, lemon & creme Fraiche.
It was heavily we didn't have to wait long at all either which is always a good thing.

They had a great choice of Mocktails which I loved as I was driving home but wanted something summery.

For dessert I got very excited about the Warm Doughnuts with Belgian chocolate dipping sauce. Popping candy and sea salted toffee sauce. Anything with popping candy and I turn into a excitable child.

Mom went for the Blueberry & white chocolate mess. Which was also delicious as I stole a bit. I feel it is a daughter's right. My mom is also one of these people that thinks it is ok to stab a fork into whatever your eating because it looks good. So I returned the favour.

We were given a loyalty card which comes with some lovely little extras. Such as a complimentary glass of processco or a cocktail. Birthday bubbles and some really good deals for August so it is worth having.

We really did enjoy our experience.
To have a look at the Lunch and Early Evening Menu click here.
© As told by Emmi
Maira Gall