Saturday, 20 May 2017

Recent Favourites

I wanted to do something a little different for this post.
I love doing beauty posts but I have recently found lots of things. I am enjoying or that I am interested in, that do not fit this category. So here goes..

First up I know, I am late jumping on this band wagon. I recently realised that I have not properly listened to music, in a very long time. Which made me a little sad as it used to consume my daily life when I was younger. So I thought let's give Spotify a go.

I am so glad I did! Every piece of music that pops into your head. That you have not listened to in years. The music you just need to listen to because you are in the mood. All at your finger tips for a reasonable £9.99 a month.
I think for the amount of new music I have found. Classic oldies and the Disney playlist I have created. The price is pretty minimal. They are doing a 3 months of Premium for 0.99p deal at the moment, so if you are late to the party like me. Go and have a look!

Next is my boy Harry's new album 'Harry Styles'. I must admit I am slightly biased as my love for Harry is extremely deep. Although as I can be a bit of a music snob on occasion, I was so pleased with this album.
Harry has always stood out from One Direction to me. As the one with a bit of an edge and I really wanted that to come across in his solo career. Oh my! He did not disappoint. I have read reviews that the songs seem stolen from various other artists. That they want to know the real Harry.
I think this is his real personality. A mixer of heart wrenching angst filled ballads. When you have that moody, rainy day feeling. Looking out of the window and pretending you are in a music video. Don't be ashamed we all do it! Then the catchy, fun and real tributes to so many rock influences, with some really clever grown up lyrics.

I have had this album on repeat even since I was introduced to it. I even tried to force my mom to listen to it. As she says he is a very good looking boy but she can't say she is a full fan. She will change her mind! I am determined of that! My favourite songs are Carolina, Kiwi and Only Angel. These are the songs that I feel are more connected to my music taste. They are a little wild and naughty! I love it! I especially like that Only Angel starts off with angelic choirs and then suddenly completely flips itself upside down, into an upbeat rocky instant hit.
I am also a little jealous of who ever the song Carolina was written about!

I honestly feel like the true talent and utter deliciousness of his voice, has come through on this album.
I am a solid One Directioner at the age of 25 to my inner emo kid's disgust. I do honestly feel the other boys are bringing out some good music. Although I will admit that this album was the one I was most interested in. I wanted to know what Harry would come up with. I feel that he has taken a slight risk portraying more about himself than the pop culture, adored by millions of little girls, boy band member. I am so glad people have taken to it as well as I have. Apart from a few jibes in some critic reviews. Hey you can't win them all! Have a listen here

Again I know this has been out for awhile but can we just talk about the film Split, for a minute? I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to see this film for a very long time. My husband and I finally sat down to watch it and I have mixed feelings.
It basically did not have enough explosions and drama for my other half to be interested.
Although he did deeply appreciate James McAvoy's acting skills.

The film in a nut shell is about a man with a deeply dark case of multiple personalities.
Capturing three girls for a demonic purpose. The darker personalities have began to rule and have taken a personality, of a nine year old under their wing. To do some of their bidding. In actual fact the nine year old is a character that I find one of the most frightening and brilliantly acted!
As when a person with this mental health problem reaches the potential to unlock the human brain and control all these other characters. The beast is realised. What I found the most interesting about this film, was the fact that McAvoy could change the position of his eyebrows. Changing the emotion on his face with ease. Then you would instantly know another personality has taken the 'light'.

I did also enjoy the character of the psychologist as she was truly trying to help. Although the character was a little predictable and she could of easily handled the situation better. Typical thriller in that respect. The story line was little messy and my husband kept saying 'Nothing is happening.'
I do not think there was a real need for the extra two gorgeous girls, captured wearing no clothes.
As I think the main focus on the teenager with a dark past was enough to carry the film through.

It also has links to 'Unbreakable' which I actually shrieked with delight about. As I loved that film when I was younger. It brings back memories of staying up late and watching Bruce Willis movies with my dad. There was obviously room for a sequel which would be interesting. Although I do think this film could of been better. You can not diminish the pure talent of McAvoy in this film. I really think he has out done himself.  A solid 3 and half unicorns from me I'd say!

So that is my little insight into what I have been getting into lately.
I have really enjoyed writing this post. I think I will do something like this again or maybe frequently. What do you think?

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