Sunday, 23 April 2017

Makeup Revolution Lip Kit Review

Another ode to Makeup Revolution as I am deeply in love with their products.
I got very excited when I came across their Lip Kits, let's face it they are 'slightly' similar to the KYLIE Lip Kits. I am not complaining got to love a good dupe!

I bought the Matte Lip Kit in Echelon then I stumbled across the Metallic Lip Kit in Sovereign. "Ohhhh hey!" Extremely exciting stuff!

Echelon is a beautiful colour in a  dark dusky pink nude, I tend to collected nude lipsticks so this was a big deal. The kits come with a soft pencil lip liner and a liquid lipstick. I must say that the lip liner was a lighter colour than the lipstick but they worked well. The product is pretty heavy duty too, You really have to scrub to get the matte lipstick off which is great for lips. Swatches ,, not so much.

Sovereign is a damn queen of a gold shade. I feel this is more of a bold look and it would look great on a night out. I was a little disappointed with the lip liner as it seemed a little redundant as the liquid lipstick is such a powerful colour. Although I am very tempted to use the lip liner as an  eye shadow as it is super soft, creamy and such a nice colour on it's own.

All in all a good purchase for £6 each!
I am convincing myself that the dark vampy blue shade needs to be purchased next!

Have you tried these?

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