Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mark Hill Pick n Mix Wand Review

I wanted to share this little beauty with you. If you have read my blog before, you will know that I am beginning to have an addiction to curling tools. I recently saw this one on Instagram and I have seen a lot of good feedback.
I was lucky to receive the Mark Hill Pick 'n' Mix Wand handle and two barrels for Christmas.

I am usually a big loose curl kind of girl but I really wanted to try the tight ringlet look, that seems to be around a lot lately. I also wanted to try a larger barrel than I have owned previously to add some volume to my hair.

This Mark Hill creation is a separate curling wand handle and a choice of five interchangeable barrel heads. Which are sold individually. I think it is a great idea as this product really gives you the choice and creativity to create so many different looks using the same handle.

The barrels are easy to change and fit comfortably into the handle. For a quick change of style if needed.

The Cork Screw Barrel head. 


As you can see this one is very slim and so light to manoeuvre. I thought it would take ages to curl my whole hair. As my hair is not exactly short, I was very happy with how quickly the product styled my entire hair.
Even when I was curling small sections at a time. The wand heats up within minutes, which is brilliant for an impatient girl like myself.
Although the curls were tighter than I have ever had before, they were not crazy.
I did not want to look like a doll which has happened before. These curls were no trouble to brush out a little without ruining the style. I use this barrel a lot these days.

The Ellipse Wave Barrel head. 

This barrel head creates a more subtle style. My hair was a little flat and lifeless this morning so I gave it a go and really liked the look this barrel provided. A big bouncy curl but delicate and feminine. It instantly added some lift to my hair and a new lease of life.
Again I managed to curl my whole hair very quickly. I found to give my hair some more texture,  I curled larger pieces aswell as smaller sections. Then using the wand higher in some parts and lower in others. This created a lovely flow to my hair.

I would really recommend this wand to anyone that wants a bit of variety to styling their hair.
If you use straighteners to curl your hair and are looking to dip your toe into the world of curling wands. This product is perfect as there is so much choice.

To find out more about this product click here.


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