Sunday, 15 January 2017



I know it is a few weeks into the whole 'New Year New Me" thing.
I think resolutions often fail because the bar is set too high.
Especially when getting back into the reality of routine, can be a hard enough task on it's own.

This year I want to focus on improving my prospects and reducing my excuses.
I can be a procrastinator but nothing will change with just moaning about it.
Or saying I will do that next week, month... never.

 I do have a few resolutions but I would say subtle life changes instead of huge leaps.

Eat healthier - I am not saying I am going to cut out all the fun stuff but the sheer amount of crap I have been consuming lately. Has not had a good impact on my body inside and out
It makes you feel groggy and unmotivated. When you can't seem to physically stop, and you know you have just eaten.
Something needs to change!

Create more - I am always full of ideas and it excites me thinking of new things I can create, draw or looks I can interpret through makeup. When I actually do complete some art work or create a new look I am really proud of myself and realise what I can achieve. So I have got to push myself and stop making so many comparisons. As once I get into something art wise. I really enjoy it.

Cook from scratch - I started this today and I was so happy. It doesn't take that much longer to prepare food from scratch, than cooking processed food. You learn so much quickly. So this year I really want to step out of my comfort zone and start cooking properly. Plus it is so much nicer knowing what is in your food.

So there is the few little goals I have set myself.
What are your resolutions? Let me know if you have any tips for keeping them all year round!

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