Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mini Mooning in Italy

As money was a little tight after the wedding we decided to mini moon. We had four days in each part of Italy starting in Milan and a couple of months later we went to Sorrento.
In hindsight we should of done it the other way round as the hustle and bustle of Milan and 36 degrees immediately after the wedding. With lack of sleep and a very small amount of patience. 
My new new husband did get a little frustrated with me as every time I sat down I fell asleep.

Milan's architecture is incredible from the corner shops to the beautiful cathedral in the main square every building is stunning. The detail in every last part of the buildings no matter how important they are, is awe inspiring. 

We learnt our lesson pretty quickly when it came to food and we realised you have to go a little out the way for authentic food. 
We found a gorgeous little cocktail bar by our hotel that served platters and we were in our element. 
A very easy and peaceful flight there and back helped a lot as we really needed the rest. 

In November we travelled to Sorrento. A total change of vibe. Completely relaxed and ridiculously stunning in a totally different way. 
We made the trip to Amalfi even if my partner was a little green from the coach ride, as every part of the roads is a bend. The roads are built across the cliff face. 
Incredible! We became little locals using the train and buses which was so much easier and cheaper.
We were extremely surprised by the prices of food and travel it was so affordable. 
We stopped in an apartment hotel which I think we will definitely do again.
It gives you that freedom to eat when you like without spending all the time and you have a little home from home. 

If I could recommend one place it would be Pompeii a mind blowing experience. 
The thought of the grandure that was reduced to dust is fascinating. 
One piece of a statue that was bigger than both of us, trying to get your head around how big the whole statue would of been is crazy!

We had romantic meals out with musicians playing and the best pasta for such a good price! Aswell as Gelato that you just couldn't put down. 

If the budget has all gone on your wedding and you are worried that you have not got the money for 
a big honeymoon. 
I would really recommend mini mooning as you can squeeze two or three into the year and you have something else to look forward to.
After all that planning! 

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