Sunday, 25 September 2016

Tea room treats

Here is another dose of honesty.
Things have changed a lot recently, I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment.
Most of the time I am fine. 
Although when those down days do come creeping it is not pleasant in the slightest.
This being said I try and get out of it as quickly as possible. 
Which is easier said than done sometimes but I find fresh air and a nice treat really helps. 

My friend and I went to a really cute little tea shop called DevoteaofLichfield in the City Centre. 
The decor was adorable and cake was insane, I also had a very yummy toffee milkshake. 
I am trying to be good with money but it was definitely value for money. 

After indulging we went for a little walk in the park and it is crazy how being outside and realising that you live in lovely surroundings. Can change your perception and mood extremely quickly. 

As my mom always says, so much so we have both got it tattooed on our leg. 
"This too shall pass" So try not to worry about it all too much because it will be a distant memory soon. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

A night away in The Cotswolds


My husband planned a surprise night away at a Guest House and Bistro called Cardynham House.
We had been there a couple of years ago and we both really enjoyed our time there. He didn't tell me anything about it,  I only realised when we were directly outside. It took us quite awhile to get there this time with Friday evening traffic so it threw me off where we were going.

Each room has a certain theme and we had the 'Pool Room' which has a private indoor heated pool with our own little courtyard. The pool turns into a giant hot tub with a Fluvo wave-making machine incorporated into it.
The room itself is stunning with the comfiest four poster bed. A bed of clouds!
We did have a little panic when we realised there isn't much signal around. We instantly realised it is ok not to be physically attached to WIFI at all times and if needed you can use it in the lobby.
It was nice to actually enjoy our surroundings. With big fluffy robes, slippers and a free standing roll top cast iron bath. I was in my element.

We went for dinner in the cute Bistro attached who kindly let us move our table reservation and we didn't want to leave the pool. All in all a perfect night away.

I would thoroughly recommend it, Take a look for yourself and click here.
It's quiet and peaceful and just what you need after a long week.
I would say bring a book and some comfy shoes for walking as the village of Painswick is very petite but absolutely stunning.

Where is your favourite one night get away?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Dress

Here is my little story about finding the perfect dress.

My family joked for years telling me that they would only let me try on 10 dresses and that would be my limit. Repeatedly reminding me of the 'Black cardigan story'.  It was a story about  the ritual that every girl is guilty of. Going to the shop that you went into at the start of your shopping trip, buying the item you looked at before dragging whichever poor soul. Who had to face this ordeal with you into 50 other shops. This is a habit of mine I must admit.
As well as slowly taking everything out of basket again, because I feel I don't actually need it.
This is one of my husbands pet hates oppsie!

Anyway my mom drove past Your Wedding Shop on the way to work one day and booked an appointment. As she thought it was a good place to start. They often have sale days, where you can make offers and all the dresses are bespoke. Amazing!

So one Saturday my mom decided to grin and bare it, bracing herself for hours of uncertainty on my part. To her relief she was completely wrong.
I was nervous on arrival as I am not incredibly girly and it all starts to feel a bit more real, when your looking for the 'Wedding dress'.

Upon arrival I was made to feel instantly at ease and was welcomed by lovely staff and the wonderful owner Jo.
Who let me have a mooch at the beautiful dresses, each one unique and waiting for their bride.
The first one I put my tag on, little did I know was 'the one' at that moment. I found another one similar but with a full corset back and with extra layers. Finally a tea dress as I found a few of those I had liked on other people.  I put the first dress on and I instantly felt overwhelmed with how well it fit and how special it made me feel. All kinds of emotions took over and I just thought "I really like this one!"

I tried the next one on and it was stunning but just a bit too heavy for me. Too many layers as one of my main focuses was that I need to dance!
I then tried the tea dress on and again a beautiful dress but because I am pretty tall I just felt silly.
So I instantly asked if I could try the first one on again. That is when I knew I had found it.
I stood on the box in front of my mom and my first dance song came on. I began to feel all watery eyed. I knew, my mom knew. We all just knew that this was the perfect dress for me.

I tried on a big vintage sparkly headband and it just felt right.
The dress itself was pretty girly and nothing like I had pre planned on my many Pinterest boards.
If there is one piece of advice I can give you, when you are looking for your dress it is that...
What you think you will love, as you have seen it on other people, maybe the total opposite to what you want in reality. As when it is on you, you may feel completely different.

It was a sale weekend so we got my dress for a fantastic deal and I couldn't of been happier.
We celebrated with champagne and as my mom was concerned I hadn't eaten yet.
( I never do when I am nervous). I was even given a cheeky chocolate bar to settle my tummy.

I couldn't of asked for a better experience and I can not thank Your Wedding Shop enough.

I kept my dress a surprise from everybody apart from a few people. None of my bridesmaids had seen it so when I walked through the door. Seeing them all well up was such a special moment for me.
My dad hadn't seen it either so seeing his face when he saw me was amazing.

I wore my dress to death, poor thing is covered in mud but it held out through all of my frantic running about and none stop dancing. Fitted like a dream!

If you would like to have a look at their fantastic deals click here.

I wish you the best of luck finding your perfect dress girls.
You will just know... I promise!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Jaffa Cake Milkshake

I saw this recipe floating around the internet and I had to make my own.
I changed a few things only because I was working with what I had at the time.
It is really easy and quick to make, You probably will only need one to satisfy your sweet craving for the next week or so but it's worth it!

What you will need;

  1. Three Jaffa Cake biscuits
  2. A teaspoon of Nutella 
  3. Two tablespoons of Ice cream (which ever flavour you have preferably chocolate,  I had salted caramel.) 
  4. A good helping of chocolate milk ( I had chocolate Soya as I am trying to cut down on my milk intake.) 
  5. A tablespoon of Marmalade 
  6. I added a cheeky handful of fudge pieces why not?

I blended two or three ingredients at a time whilst adding them to the mixture just to make sure it was smooth.
Then TADA! All ready to go!

I think I am going to try making some more milkshakes of my own.
What flavours would you recommend? ox

Sunday, 4 September 2016

PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons

I would like to share with you my love for the Primark cosmetics range. Ridiculously affordable and really good quality. What is not to love! Every time I go into a store, I find myself raiding the makeup section and because it is so well priced. I do not feel bad!

These are the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons and I absolutely adore them. 
Especially because they come in dark nudes and vampy berry shades! Come to Mama!! 

I bought these three beauties to try them out and I was really pleased with them.
They are my go to lip products at the moment.

They are easy to apply, silky smooth and a lovely matte pigmentation. I really feel like they are a good dupe for the NARS lip pencil and for £18 cheaper why not try them out.

The only thing I would say is that they do not last as long as the NARS product on your lips when you eat, drink etc. Although for the money, popping it into your bag and having a touch up now again isn't a problem. You do also need to rummage for the untouched ones as some of the products have been tested. A little trick I have learnt is to reach for the bottom ones.
Unfortunately I have found this a lot with other big high street stores, who have started a beauty range half of the makeup has been poked and smeared. Which isn't too much a problem when the products are cheap. I do find that the last thing you want is if your spending £9, for an eyeshadow and you find it has someones finger print imbedded in it. 
So just have a search for the good ones. 

What Primark beauty products are you favourite?
I would love to learn more about this range and what the best products are. 

© As told by Emmi
Maira Gall