Friday, 3 June 2016

Learning as I go along - part 1

I want to make this a regular feature not every month as I don't like the idea of being tide down to a certain type of post but maybe when I've collected a few ideas and tips I can just put them here for whoever would like to read them.

With planning a wedding, working 40 or more hours a week, living independently and saving money all these adult things that your 'supposed' to do. Can make you feel like your swimming upstream but it's ok I promise!

 I feel like I have learnt a few things recently and I wanted to share them with you. I will do a wedding themed version when I can finally say it is all finished and I can breathe again.

Here goes;

Creating your own happiness 

I know how easy it is to depend on other people, money or even just fate to make you happy when in reality it is only you that give yourself the happiness and fulfilment you are craving.

Stress levels are high at the moment due to various reasons and I felt myself procrastinating constantly about everything. Be it getting back into my art, learning more about beauty, that dream job or losing weight. In fact all of them at some point normally when I want to just go to sleep!

I have been feeling much better this week and it is all down to actually doing something about it!
I know it sounds silly but I learnt how to use a new drawing app, I've spent time in the sunshine, filled up my diary with exciting things to look forward to. Started the hunt for a yoga class and decided to finally get on that illustration course I've been putting off. Tiny things like doing one picture that I'm proud of in my case but maybe yours is setting a little doable goal for yourself  and the feeling of satisfaction when completing it for yourself and nobody else will be glorious.
My next plan is to practise water colour and start to get fit but I'm not expecting miracles baby steps guys!

Saving money 
Lets face it this one is a never ending problem for all of us.
When you get your wages and you know a massive chunk of it is going to go on bills and then whatever is left should be saved.
Yes it is always a good thing to have savings but you have to enjoy your life too, just one top you found in the sale or that pub grub you've been desperate for can make you feel so much better and  still making sure your not breaking the bank. I mean I'm not saying lets all run to the high end shops and spend hundreds of pounds. I think that little things like getting lipstick you've been after for awhile or getting your eyebrows done can make you feel brand new.

Keeping the green eyed monster at bay.

As I have mentioned in a post before I think everybody looks at other people sometimes and thinks why haven't I got what they've got? or Why can't I have her hair, body shape, look etc?

What does shock me is young girls dressing like they are 25 the fact that these girls have Kylie Jenner standard makeup at 13 is nuts! Where is the blue eyeshadow phase girls!
We have all had our learning curves and maybe the younger generation are lucky with all the technology handed to them but at the same time, I am glad I didn't have to grow up with half as much pressure as them. I mean it is an endless battle being force feed fake perfection at every corner but maybe I am just talking for myself here. I can't seem to stop myself from being nosey, I hold my hands up I am addicted to social media!
This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you can try and not end up in a spiral of self loathing.
The internet is a brilliant place to learn new skills and find new things. I think it is a case of remembering to appreciate yourself while looking at all these celebs in bikinis.
We are all human after all.

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