Thursday, 23 June 2016

Converting to Glossybox

If you have read my blog before you will know I love a beauty subscription. I think it is a brilliant way to test products out that you would not have necessarily tried other wise. Plus I feel like it is a little treat every month. I have had heard good things about Glossybox so I thought I would convert and give it a go. Got to say I was instantly impressed.

Firstly it arrived really quickly and I noticed straight away the box was a lot bigger than the subscription I was used to. I was also pleasantly surprised by the presentation (I am all about that presentation!) It came with a little cute parcel inside the box, tied with a ribbon.
Most of the products were full size which is great as I really feel I am getting my moneys worth.
Brands I have heard of was also a plus!

Onto the products.


Popcorn is my new favourite snack so this was an immediate winner.
Gets rid of the naughty craving without the huge sugar or calorie intake.
If you can't decide between salty or sweet have both! Winner!

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil

This product I have yet to try but as my skin type is ridiculously pale. I am going to give this a go when I'm out and about. I have been loving the sun lately but within minutes I can feel my skin isn't enjoying it.
So I think this handy little product may do the job. I am wondering if I will be put off by it being an oil rather than a cream but I can't knock it till I've tried it.

Hairon Zero Crease Hair ties

These were everywhere last year and I did purchase some previously from a different brand. Honestly   I didn't really see the big hype at the time.
Although my hair dresser keeps shouting at me for pulling elastic bobbles out of my hair.
Having my hair up every day for work can also be really damaging to my hair so I am going to give these another try. They are also in a really cute pink colour so I think I will enjoy wearing them that bit more.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this product.
If you are looking for instant whoa lashes this is it, don't get me wrong I love Benefit mascaras and I have some MAC and Clinique but I am very taken with this mascara now. Only a couple of coats and your lashes are transformed into sky scrapers love it!!

Absolute New York Velvet Lippie in Lolita 

This is a lovely product, everyone is jumping on the matte vibes at the moment, myself being one of them.
This is a very quick drying light weight buttery matte lip cream, in such a gorgeous girly soft pink.
I feel it changes your look into cute and summery, I am starting to wear it all the time.

Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser 

I am not sure if it makes me look younger or plumps and firms but it is very enjoyable to use.
I look like a 12 year old without makeup so younger isn't really what I am after right now anyway.
It is silky, fast drying and smells lovely without that over powering scent also it isn't greasy which my skin greatly appreciates.

Yes it is safe to say I am a total covert to Glossybox and I can't wait to see what is next.

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