Monday, 2 May 2016

All about the vamp


It has been too long since I wrote on this little space of the internet but with a new job and planning a wedding. Other things have been pushed aside which is a shame as I am missing those things, like my art and this blog of mine.

I know that dark lipsticks are for the colder seasons and we are meant to be swapping them for brighter more girly colours. Lets face it, it is hardly baking sunshine outside unfortunately. 
Just the other day we had massive hail storm in late April. Which is starting to worry me as we need sunshine for the big day but we have a few months for summer to actually arrive. Fingers crossed!

I have got to say I love the vampy look and I will hold onto it for as long as I can.
I think a dark lip really adds something to my makeup and at the moment the darker the better.
I have even braved a super dark purple berry colour which I've wanted for ages, I've just been a little scared to purchase one. So I went for a Collection 2000 lipstick to test the water. 
In the colour Blackberry Fool, I have got to be really careful with my pale skin that I am not going back into my emo days. Although with enough bronzer and highlight this lipstick looks lovely. Precision is key with applying dark shades especially as dark as this because if one bit is out of place and you can really tell.

Another one of my budget favourites is another Collection 2000 lipstick that I randomly bought ages ago and I wear it constantly its another dark shade in Seduction. I do love the high street brands sometimes as the price does not effect the quality in a number of their products. 
It is just a matter of picking the right one. 

Lastly the latest addition to my bargain dark lipstick collection is what I feel is a 'Gerard Cosmetics' dupe. This one is from Makeup Revolution and if you have read my blog before you understand my love for this brand. 
Such good quality for such a reasonable price. 
This little beauty is called 'Dimond life' and it is a little more pinky when applied than the others.
I also bought a gorgeous nude colour from this brand but that is another story. 

What is your favourite lip product at the moment? 

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