Saturday, 12 March 2016

Birthday hair

Two weeks later than it should be but I thought I would share with you my latest hair.
I had an absolutely lovely birthday 'weekend'. The concept of a 'birthday weekend' confuses and annoys my partner as he says that it should just be one day. Although I think when you are a leap year baby you can drag it out for as long as possible. We went for a gorgeous afternoon tea on the Sunday with my family where my Grandparents enjoyed sandwiches and selfies. As for the day itself it was on a Monday so everybody was at work. I decided I was going to have a lazy morning, open a few presents and go and see my favourite hair dresser at Hxhair. I drove myself which I felt was a mini achievement as I was little wary I wouldn't be able to find it by myself. I must say I am getting used to this driving malarkey and I am really enjoying it. Being able to take myself places without depending on other people and feeling like burden feels so good! I opted for a grey ombre with little sections of lilac this time, I had a saucy curl just at the ends as well. I genuinely felt like I could swish it about like I was in a shampoo advert. I sometimes get scared it is a little too dark as I am used to being very blonde at the bottom of my hair. I have wanted grey/silver ombre for awhile so I am glad I went for it, I think the colour is lasting very well which is great.  

Happy weekend everybody! ox 

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