Sunday, 21 February 2016

Macnab's go to Malaga

Firstly I will apologise for the quality of the photographs but my batteries died in my camera, so my phone had to do. 
If you have read through my blog before you will know I am getting married in the summer. So as a pre hen treat my mom booked us to go away for a few days to Malaga. We didn't realise that we were not exactly in Malaga but just outside it but we really enjoyed the little resort. A different place to eat every night and the drinks were cheap as chips. We spent the day in Malaga town which was stunning and I had real Spanish chorizo which was incredible. I bought a floppy summer hat that I've wanted for ages for the under 10 euros which I was extremely happy about. I eventually had to drag my mom out of this shop as she didn't have any room in her hand luggage as it is and she was convincing herself that she could buy everything and it would all be ok. I did have to buy myself a jumper and later that evening I went out in said jumper not realising we would eventually go out out. We ended up in this cute little Irish bar and made some friends with some locals. They told us all about the habour not too far away. Which we had no idea about. So we decided to venture up there. I say again I was not in going out attire but it just didn't matter. We had such a great night and I'm not sure which one of us was the most intoxicated. We just laughed at everything. The next day, a little tender we took the tourist bus all around the town and we went to the butterfly farm. I spent most of my time screaming as I convinced myself that the big ones were going to get me. There was a yellow leged tortoise just walking around without a care in the world which reminded me of the late baby flo. So I wanted to adopt him. All in all we had a smashing holiday. I stand by the opinion that sometimes the cheapest holidays can be the most fun. It was just what we needed and I really suggest just asking some English speaking locals where the best places are to go. As if you don't know how will you find them? Ox 

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