Sunday, 17 January 2016

January Beauty Haul

I have collected a few new cosmetics over the last couple of weeks.  I thought I would share them with you. Makeup Revolution have a sister professional makeup brand called Freedom. I have heard a lot of good things about it so I gave a few things a try. First up the Prostudio Strobe Cream I was going to splash out on the MAC version but I always love a dupe. It has a gorgeous texture really easily blended and it isn't greasy. You can tell the difference straight away, I used it all over my face as a base the first time I tested it out. I normally like a Matte base so I preferred using it as a highlight and it is very effective. The Prostudio Priming water I really like this product it is quick and easy to use. Dries really quickly and I think it smells like Cherry Bakewell which is my favourite. It creates a great base and I do feel my makeup stays in place for awhile I wouldn't say all day but I do enjoy using this product. Blonde Dipbrow I had been contemplating buying the more expensive version of this but when I found a variety of colours on the website for £5 I was thrilled. I went for the lightest colour and it is perfect for my skin tone. I have been after a contour product in a stick form for awhile and the Freedom contour stick in light does work well it is easily blended. Unfortunately the highlight section had broken in the post which I was a little gutted about. I also got my hands on the Cream strobe kit. I wanted a quality cream kit as the one I had previously dried my skin out. This is a lovely formula and has a great variety of shades. I do struggle with finding a contour that makes a profound difference to my face without looking orange. This seems to be doing the job so far, I was very happy that the kit came with a strobing brush, that is beautiful quality super soft and just feels professional. I feel like this brand has such quality products for brilliant prices and I would recommend trying them out especially if you are undecided wether to get certain products due to price Freedom do have a large range of more affordable options that won't break the bank.

I have seen some good reviews about the BodyShop Instablur this product is lovely to use and I felt that I could wear it without anything else. It left my face feeling smooth and even. As much as I do enjoy using this product I am not sure it is worth the price for what it does. 

Next the Rimmel Glameyes liquid liner we all know that the struggle of creating that perfect cat eye is real! I have been using pen liners for awhile but I do feel it can be hard to create a thinner line with those type of products. So I opted for a liquid one once again. It is easy to use, super black and lasts. The one thing I would say is that it did sting a little when I applied it which I think is down to my ridiculously sensitive eyes. It does stay wet for awhile once applied so I am a little wary not to move around too much as nobody enjoys looking like a panda. This product will be going in my every day make up bag though as it is great addition to my eyeliner collection. 

Finally the Benefit Do the Hoola I am obsessed with bronzer at the moment and thought this little set would be perfect for on the go. Both the liquid and powder Hoola Bronzer are super pigmented and it is lovely to have the option of powder or liquid. The set comes with a cute little bronzer brush. They're Real Mascara I will always want a life long supply of this product it is one of my all time favourite mascaras. It makes your eyelashes so long and instantly makes your eyes look bigger, without being clumpy or looking like spider legs.  The Benebalm is cute and a lovely red colour while still being really moisturising. I am not a fan of lip gloss to be honest I find them sticky and annoying. They also remind me of being young with no idea about makeup. The Hoola lip gloss is a lovely light beige colour with a bit of sparkle but wether I will use it is still not decided. 

Have you got any of these products, what is your opinion of them? ox 

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