Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2015


We have always wanted to go to Disney for Halloween so when we found a pretty good deal by Eurostar we thought why not. Plus we were having the holiday blues as we had worked all summer.
The journey was pretty painless apart from one nine year old singing 'let it go' on repeat. It is not remotely fun after the 40th time I tell you. We got there and the weather was surprisingly warm after bringing all my layers. We managed to get lost trying to find our bus stop for the hotel, although we were very lucky when we met a girl who was in the situation with her family, who spoke a bit of French. We walked up and down and then we realised it was right in front of us. We stopped in the RadissonBlu which was glorious the views were beautiful of their gardens and beyond, with big french doors to look out of your room. The beds were like clouds which is exactly what you want when your exhausted. We found our spot in a big corner sofa next to an open roaring fire in the bar as well as soaking up the complimentary WIFI which is always great to have.
When we went back to the park that evening I resembled a small child in awe of everything. I spent most of my time with my mouth open as I had never been to Disney, when they had a certain theme going on. The attention to detail was incredible, it is hard to name my favourite part I must say I nearly cried when I watched the light show projected onto the castle for the first time. Especially when they played 'be my guest' my inner child was amazed. The word "WHOA" came out of my mouth at one point and I was not ashamed. Another part I thought was really cute was when we were having our lunch, which my partner got very excited about the Darth Vader Burger which had black buns debatable how good that would be for you but who's judging?  We watched a little show based on Star Wars again my partner was in his element in the whole Star Wars themed section. These little ones were running around on stage with lightsabers and fighting bad guys, which I honestly think as a child it must be what dreams are made of.
Imagine telling your friends when you get home that you fought Darth Vader with a lightsaber dressed as a JEDI?! The only thing I would say is that I don't think I would go at prime time again.
It was incredibly busy as much as the atmosphere was great.
I mean everybody went all out on the actual day of Halloween dressed up to the max, some of them were actually pretty creepy.
We stayed until late with our Halloween party tickets and as much as it was nice to have a bit more room in the park it was a little repetitive.  I knew that it couldn't be too scary for the children but I guess I was expecting a few more villains. My favourite parade was in the day time filled with all the princesses. I absolutely loved it and they were all so beautiful in their sparkly carriages.
On our final day we went to the studios and we had a lot more grown up rides to explore. My partner convinced me that the 'Rock n Roll rollercoaster' wasn't that fast. He lied! Although I was originally terrified I really enjoyed it. I do like fast rides I just can not deal with spinning or 3D, instantly sick! So I was doubting going on the 'Ratatouille' ride, I am so glad I did though and I would say it was the best ride for me.
The detail and the thought that must of gone into everything about it was nuts. You just felt like you had been thrown into the movie. The environment was incredible so romantic and well thought out. Even the area where you wait for the ride had a skyline of Paris and a talking Gusteau sat in the build board above your head. The stunt car show was also amazing lots of drama and high speed chasing. On our final night we went to 'Planet Hollywood' where I had such a tasty chorizo pizza, if you haven't noticed by now I am obsessed with pizza. I had been on the hunt all weekend but unfortunately 'Pizza Planet' was closed gutted! As last time I went I had tonsillitis and it wasn't as enjoyable as I had hoped being in agony n all. I also had a little salad as I was craving something green after the amount of carbs I had stuffed into my face over the weekend. It was such a lovely meal and just what we needed for a great end to our trip away.

Have you ever been? What is your favourite bit of DisneylandParis? ox

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