Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Direction October 2015

I admit I have a deep love for OneDirection and I was truly devastated when I didn't manage to go to their previous tour. Knowing the dreaded news that they will be going their separate ways in March 2016.  I was not going to miss this opportunity.  One of my besties managed to bag us great seats with in a minute of them going on sale which is incredible! We were literally jumping up and down with excitement a whole 11months ago, which is crazy how fast this year is going! The day was finally here, we made our way to the BarclaycardArena surrounded by hundreds of One Directioners and tucked into some over priced chips although they were tasty so all is forgiven. I was gutted I didn't manage to get my hands on a flashing bow headband but hey. Whilst waiting we were serenaded by JamieLawson. I felt a little uncool as I didn't really know who he was but I was pleasantly surprised at how talented and really sweet he was. I mean it must be daunting to stand with your guitar on your own in front of that many screaming girls. When the lads came on stage I was instantly transformed into a screaming fangirl (so what if I am 23!)  I couldn't believe they were really standing in front of us. Got to say my camera roll was slightly biased towards Harry but he is my ultimate fave! I really enjoyed the fact that they made a big effort with the crowd and were so thankful to their fans for supporting them over five years. They have come a long way since those little boys on X factor.
The truth is I have adored them since the beginning and I was so happy to see them live.
We sang our hearts out and danced around, we had such a good time it just seemed to fly by.
I can honestly say it was one of my favourite concerts I have ever been to and this type of thing is not the usual concert I go to. It was nice to be part of something bigger and our Liam made us feel special by saying he was over the moon to be back in Birmingham bless! ox

(Apologies for the lack of photos in the post but they were awful quality.)

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