Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Perfect - A little bit of truth

I think as a human it is in my nature to compare myself with others and I know deep down a lot of us do it. I can feel myself scrolling through what seems to be perfection on the internet but in reality it is just a tiny piece of somebody's life. I don't know why I do it but I seem to thrive off torturing myself about what others have that I don't, or what others look like and where they are in life. I don't think it helps when we constantly get force fed what we should look like, or what we should eat. Also that we should all have a billion Instagram followers to be classed as anything worth while in life. That is when I realised that none of it means a thing! The word perfect is silly as nobody is perfection as life is full of ups and downs and we have to enjoy what we have as it could be a lot worse! I know the blogging world is a hard place to be recognised, not everyone is going to get sent on glamorous holidays and be given big packages of cosmetics and clothing to try. No one is going to turn down that lifestyle. Although it gets to that point when thinking that is the only goal of blogging sucks the fun out of it entirely. Let's face it there are plenty of us floating around in cyber space and I think for most of us it started because it is something we enjoy. Why let it be another platform to be made to feel like your not good enough?  Unfortunately there are lots of other ways for that to happen. Your little corner of the internet is something to be proud of. Watching it grow from what it was when you started should be reward enough. I know I'm saying this today and I might have a day when I feel its all pointless tomorrow but I feel it should be enjoyable, or why would we want to do it when we have lots of other things to worry about?

Another thing is the constant pressure to know how your future should be played out and what you exactly want from life. I am 23 and I have been in the same career area since I was 18, I knew I wanted a change but now. I do admit I miss it a little but not in a lets go backwards kind of a way. I just don't really know what I want to do with my life, well I do but I need to work to get the funds to do that and I think that is the scariest thing ever as it is one fat circle! I know my 40 year old self will not be worrying about any of this, rather worrying if my kids are making the right life choices and this will all be a vague memory but in the present its so frightening. If I want this amazing future surely I need to know what it is. I think this worry comes and goes but when it rears its ugly head it can be a little overwhelming. So I think I have got to stop and say to myself it is ok that I don't have everything planned out and maybe that is part of the fun? I am getting married next year and all that organising has made me grow up and I definitely know that part of my future is happening so it isn't like I am running into the next section of my life completely blindfolded. Well I know each big mile stone is a learn as you go along situation. So right now I am going to decide to go with it and see what happens. After all how can you worry about something that isn't even here yet?

I am not sure if that was a revelation of mine or just a rant either way I feel better.
I hope maybe this helps anybody who is in the same boat at the moment. ox

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Direction October 2015

I admit I have a deep love for OneDirection and I was truly devastated when I didn't manage to go to their previous tour. Knowing the dreaded news that they will be going their separate ways in March 2016.  I was not going to miss this opportunity.  One of my besties managed to bag us great seats with in a minute of them going on sale which is incredible! We were literally jumping up and down with excitement a whole 11months ago, which is crazy how fast this year is going! The day was finally here, we made our way to the BarclaycardArena surrounded by hundreds of One Directioners and tucked into some over priced chips although they were tasty so all is forgiven. I was gutted I didn't manage to get my hands on a flashing bow headband but hey. Whilst waiting we were serenaded by JamieLawson. I felt a little uncool as I didn't really know who he was but I was pleasantly surprised at how talented and really sweet he was. I mean it must be daunting to stand with your guitar on your own in front of that many screaming girls. When the lads came on stage I was instantly transformed into a screaming fangirl (so what if I am 23!)  I couldn't believe they were really standing in front of us. Got to say my camera roll was slightly biased towards Harry but he is my ultimate fave! I really enjoyed the fact that they made a big effort with the crowd and were so thankful to their fans for supporting them over five years. They have come a long way since those little boys on X factor.
The truth is I have adored them since the beginning and I was so happy to see them live.
We sang our hearts out and danced around, we had such a good time it just seemed to fly by.
I can honestly say it was one of my favourite concerts I have ever been to and this type of thing is not the usual concert I go to. It was nice to be part of something bigger and our Liam made us feel special by saying he was over the moon to be back in Birmingham bless! ox

(Apologies for the lack of photos in the post but they were awful quality.)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Homemade pizza

It's been a very sad couple of days so I thought I would back track to last weekend when I did something I enjoyed. 
My Italian friend makes pizza a lot and I have always wanted to as I find take away can be over priced, greasy and just crammed full of junk. Don't get me wrong I am a huge pizza addict! There isn't a day where I would say no. So I thought I would have a go at making my own. Ok I cheated on the base as I didn't really have two hours to wait. I opted for the wholemeal base which is a lot healthier and tastes just as nice. I used sun dried tomaoto purée for one and normal purée for the other. Unfortunately I found the sun dried tomato purée a little too salty for me. we used low fat mozzerella as I am living on the stuff at the moment! we added fresh tomato oregarno and Italian Milano salami which is my favorite. We put sausage and chorizo, onion and peppers on the other. I've got to say I was so happy with them. They tasted amazing and don't get me wrong they are a little naughty but it was nice to know exactly what was going into them. 

Have you made your own before? Ox 

© As told by Emmi
Maira Gall