Monday, 28 September 2015

Getting organised - Wedding style

This weekend I feel like I have really achieved something when it comes to wedding planning. On Friday I went to a wedding dress shop just to have a look. I never would of thought I would of found 'the one' on my first attempt at looking! As I am extremely fussy, I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect plus I was a little daunted by the sea of white dresses. I was given three tags to place on dresses I wanted to try on. My dream dress which was something I hadn't even of thought I would of liked. It was the first one I put my tag on! I tried another two but something just felt right in the first one. I felt amazing and my first dance song came on whilst I was standing in it. That's when I had a little cry opps! I couldn't of imagined anything more perfect. I went to YourWeddingShop and I can't praise them enough we managed to go on a day where we could make an offer on the dresses and we got a brilliant deal. They made me feel instantly comfortable as I am not used to this type of thing. The dresses were all designer one offs which I thought was so special that nobody else would have that exact dress. They gave me chocolate and champagne and I was buzzing with excitement! They had a very busy day and we did arrive pretty late but they still made time for us and I'm so glad I went there! 
Next we went to TheBristolPear a renervated old pub that has been transformed into a place with a really good vibe the food was so tasty for such a good price and my mom treated me to a Cherrt Bakewell cocktail that tasted incredibly like the cake. Also the spicey coleslaw was right up my street! Saturday I managed to get four out of my five bridesmaids in one place I bought snacks and we spent the afternoon testing out bridesmaids dresses and we think we might have found the one. Just awaiting the return of one more bridesmaid who was greatly missed. We all have strong opinions so it was great that we all liked the same one. It was so exciting to start doing the big things for the wedding it feels a lot more real now and I can't flippin' wait! ox 

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