Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Taking some time.

I have had a few things that have been nerve racking over the past month or so. I admit my nerves can get the better of me and I end up feeling that I could of done better If I had calmed down. 

I have been using YouTube meditation videos and an app called Headspace to help me get to grips with my thoughts and I've got to say it's working. 
I am not saying miracles happen but I feel a lot calmer and in control after a very short time of using meditation. Just taking ten minutes or so out of your day to calm your thoughts and have some time to yourself can only be a good thing. I feel I benefit from guided meditation because if someone is not talking me through it. I fear I will start thinking about shopping lists and silly things. That's when the negative thoughts sneek in. Convincing yourself that you can achieve your goals really helps you build confidence in yourself. As my mom always says your brain tries to give you more of what you want so why feed it doom and gloom when you could fill yourself with happiness? 

The quote above over a pretty picture of my last holiday really resinates with me. Instead of feeling crap about missing out how about taking the positive out of it and learn something from it. I know it's easier said than done, but maybe give it a go next time you feel a bit stressed. 

Have you got any tips on how to keep calm? ox 

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