Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hair update

Photo by @Hxhair 

First of all I can't believe how much my hair has grown since letting my natural colour come through at the top! I mean I had super long hair when I was a child but I never thought it could grow to this length again. Hallelujah! I have been feeling that my blonde at the bottom of my hair had been looking a little dull so when my friend told me about her experience with Hxhair and having a lurk on her instagram I knew I wanted to get my hair done by her. Hxhair is a big inspiration to me as I know how much hard work and time she has put into her business and the quality of her work is amazing.  I instantly felt comfortable with her and she was full of helpful tips and tricks to keep my hair healthy and looking good. I already had ombre in my hair so she lightened it first at the bottom and then used Affinage Cool Blonde which got rid of any nasty yellow tones and replaced them with subtle silver. 
I am not a fan of having my hair blow dried at the hair dressers normally as I think it leaves my hair a little flat. Although in this case I loved it we used Fudge styling Body Builder - Body Booster. To get some volume in there and I must say I noticed the difference straight away. I was a little worried about putting products in my root area as it can get greasy very quickly but my hair felt glorious! What really stood out to me was that Hxhair had just taken on a junior and from her personal experience she knew that she wanted the Junior to start learning straight away not to just sweep floors. On her first day she washed my hair and had a customer come have a colour which I thought was fantastic. Hxhair is brilliant at doing bright and pastel colours for you dare devils out there. I can't tell you how excited I am to have marshmallow pink in the bottom of my hair next time! Honestly I can't thank her enough for how gorgeous she has made my hair. Reasonable price, amazing quality and such a friendly girl. Also her love of pizza is on par with mine! There is a link to Hxhair's Facebook above and links below. Also links to products are attached above. 

Go check her out! ox 

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