Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mermaid waves

I know your probably like "stop going on about curling your hair woman!" I have realised I am turning into my mother, who has spent most of her life on the hunt for the perfect curl. Does this exist? Anyway, I went back to my original favorite the Enrapture encode totem styler for this style. I set the dial to 2,2,3 and curled big chunks curling it away from my face and pointing the tong downwards. I found this setting left me with lovely mermaid curls perfect for summer that have lasted all the way through to today. I gently separated the big curls with my fingers and then curled smaller sections Inbetween to create a fuller look. I brushed the top with a big paddle brush to make my hair a little messy looking. Then sprayed it lightly with hairspray as I didn't want it to look too set. I seriously enjoyed this style and will probably go back to it again and again.  

What's your go to hairstyle at the moment? ox  

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