Friday, 6 March 2015


It was my birthday last week and my mom treated me to a night in Liverpool. 
As we were going to see Mama Mia and the Empire Theatre. I massively enjoyed the whole experience! I do have a habit of saying "I would live here" when I go to any new city. Although this time I really meant it. The atmosphere, the amount of quirky bars and resturants, the town centre. I just loved everything about it! Mama Mia was brilliant and the Theatre was beautiful. The voices on the actors were amazing and there was a little eye candy for the older ladies at the front who were seriously whooping and hollering when the males came on. We went to the Theatre pub next door which served amazing late night celebrity named pizzas on Slabs of granite and cocktails for £3.50! That's my idea of heaven! Turns out we were sat next to the cast at our table and my mom being super cool says "you must be knackered from all that dancing?!" ... Smooth! It was a great end to a lovely night. We also went to TheCavarn which is famous for the Beatles playing there. Everyone was dancing along to the tribute act and just really seemed to be enjoying themselves. It had such a cool vibe with its nostalgia oozing out of it. I loved the fact that there was graffiti from people who had visited over the years all over the walls and cealing and I'm so happy I went. We stopped at TheLinerHotel which was gorgeous and they do a pre Theatre meal which is a pretty handy. The crisp white sheets and 24hr room service was just what we needed! So I've got to say I will be planning my next trip very soon! 

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