Sunday, 1 February 2015

I moved again

I am ashamed my little blog has been neglected recently I just havn't had enough time to juggle anything recently. Valentines weekend is going to be a eating and not moving weekend which I am so excited about. We have not had an empty calender day since Christmas and I've got to say we are exhausted. 

Nearly three weeks ago we moved to a bigger flat which I was so happy about but our first flat was like a little ready made home and I was slightly nieve about all the costs of actually moving for example furniture costs a bomb doesn't it? We have had our fair share of drama a fight over a sofa, a blocked toilet and a washing machine that was close to exploding but as I sit here in my almost complete flat I feel content. Don't get me wrong it needs bits and bobs to finish off, but I can finally say I love it. The first few weeks I never thought I would feel that way but I do really enjoy the extra space. It's just nice not to be on top of each other and if we want to do seperate things, we can. we have a DIY coffee table and television unit and I just adore it. I think it really makes the place ours and I hope I can get into projects myself that I can incorporate into the flat. I think there is something so personal about having things in your home that you have made with your own hands. so hopefully I can get sometime to get all crafty.

how are you finding 2015 so far? 

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