Saturday, 19 December 2015

Birchbox December Edition

If you have read my blog before you will know I love a good Birchbox. I feel like it's a little Christmas every month when it arrives and my goodness are they killing it lately. The best thing about this months edition was that it was super festive! I was pleasantly surprised to find not a box at my front door but a bag filled with goodies! A reusable sparkly christmassy clutch bag none the less! 

They really seem to get me recently. Providing me with tasters of products I want to try but havn't had chance to buy yet. Take the Benefit They're real push-up liner, and Puff off. I will never have enough eyeliner and I am always on the mission to find the easiest tool to use. As we all know that the perfect cat eye can be a little frustrating at times! The puff off product is a lovely soft formula that really gives your under eyes a boost and is a great base for concealer. The Ciate mini in Dangerous Affair is perfect for this session and I can't wait to use it. I might even wear it on Christmas day in fact! As for the Sicilian Body Gel it is almost gone already, in our house hold we get through bath products like no tomorrow. This product is a real treat as it smells beautiful as orange and citrus scents are my favourite. It also leaves your skin really soft which is always a winner. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is a product I have not tested yet but it is held in high regard by lots of beauty lovers so hopefully it will leave me with rejuvenated and hydrated skin. It is rather pricey as well so it will be nice to have a little bit of luxury. Again with the Roloxin Revitalising Facial Treatment, I always like to mix up my skincare routine although I have to be really careful as my skin is ridiculously sensitive. Lastly is the Model Co lipstick in Stiletto which is a gorgeous deep red colour perfect for winter. I love a good red lipstick all year round but I think there is something classic about adding a red lip to your look to make you feel that bit more ready for the holidays.
It's bang on for that christmas party!

What's your favourite beauty treat this Christmas? ox

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Cougar Snow White teeth whitening gel

I bought this at a discounted price for two tubes instead of one online. I tried it for the first time this weekend and I must say I was instantly impressed. I am always a little wary of whitening products as you hear all sorts of things about what they contain and how they can damage your teeth. 
This product stood out to me straight away as they ensure it isn't crammed with nasty abrasive ingredients. The product has an a brush type of applicator which the product comes out of when you squeeze the tube which easily transferred onto your teeth.  For the first application you have to apply it every 15 minutes for an hour. Which originally I thought would be a little tedious, although I was pleasantly surprised that the application was super speedy to do and the hour was up before I knew it. It left a slight tingly sensation when first applied and feels a little odd but nothing uncomfortable. I was so pleased that I noticed a difference in the first day of using it. My teeth just looked brighter, cleaner and yes whiter! I have used it again a couple of times and I feel it is so handy to just pop on before you go out for that extra bit of confidence. Especially with all those christmas photographs that you are forced to smile in by family members. 
I will be keeping this in my bag for a touch up now and again and I was very satisfied with the results. The contents of the tube smells slightly minty which is nice although I don't recommend tasting it if you can help it as it does not taste as nice as it smells unfortunately.  I am always on the search for the best and safest teeth whitening products out there so let me know if you have favourites? ox 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Antonia Burrell London Cleansing Oil review

I was lucky enough to try this beauty of a product. I am not going to lie when I originally put it on my face I was a little unsure. As it is an oil product and unlike anything I have used before. It took some getting used to. Once worked into the skin with some warm water it turns into a froth like constancy. I used a damp cloth to remove the product and I was immediately sold. My skin felt glorious! So soft and radiant, it left me feeling clean and sparkly. I definately think I have been persuaded to try oil cleansers in the future and not be so frightened. As the oil pulls excess oil out of your skin which is perfect for me. 

What is your opinion on oil cleansers? ox 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2015


We have always wanted to go to Disney for Halloween so when we found a pretty good deal by Eurostar we thought why not. Plus we were having the holiday blues as we had worked all summer.
The journey was pretty painless apart from one nine year old singing 'let it go' on repeat. It is not remotely fun after the 40th time I tell you. We got there and the weather was surprisingly warm after bringing all my layers. We managed to get lost trying to find our bus stop for the hotel, although we were very lucky when we met a girl who was in the situation with her family, who spoke a bit of French. We walked up and down and then we realised it was right in front of us. We stopped in the RadissonBlu which was glorious the views were beautiful of their gardens and beyond, with big french doors to look out of your room. The beds were like clouds which is exactly what you want when your exhausted. We found our spot in a big corner sofa next to an open roaring fire in the bar as well as soaking up the complimentary WIFI which is always great to have.
When we went back to the park that evening I resembled a small child in awe of everything. I spent most of my time with my mouth open as I had never been to Disney, when they had a certain theme going on. The attention to detail was incredible, it is hard to name my favourite part I must say I nearly cried when I watched the light show projected onto the castle for the first time. Especially when they played 'be my guest' my inner child was amazed. The word "WHOA" came out of my mouth at one point and I was not ashamed. Another part I thought was really cute was when we were having our lunch, which my partner got very excited about the Darth Vader Burger which had black buns debatable how good that would be for you but who's judging?  We watched a little show based on Star Wars again my partner was in his element in the whole Star Wars themed section. These little ones were running around on stage with lightsabers and fighting bad guys, which I honestly think as a child it must be what dreams are made of.
Imagine telling your friends when you get home that you fought Darth Vader with a lightsaber dressed as a JEDI?! The only thing I would say is that I don't think I would go at prime time again.
It was incredibly busy as much as the atmosphere was great.
I mean everybody went all out on the actual day of Halloween dressed up to the max, some of them were actually pretty creepy.
We stayed until late with our Halloween party tickets and as much as it was nice to have a bit more room in the park it was a little repetitive.  I knew that it couldn't be too scary for the children but I guess I was expecting a few more villains. My favourite parade was in the day time filled with all the princesses. I absolutely loved it and they were all so beautiful in their sparkly carriages.
On our final day we went to the studios and we had a lot more grown up rides to explore. My partner convinced me that the 'Rock n Roll rollercoaster' wasn't that fast. He lied! Although I was originally terrified I really enjoyed it. I do like fast rides I just can not deal with spinning or 3D, instantly sick! So I was doubting going on the 'Ratatouille' ride, I am so glad I did though and I would say it was the best ride for me.
The detail and the thought that must of gone into everything about it was nuts. You just felt like you had been thrown into the movie. The environment was incredible so romantic and well thought out. Even the area where you wait for the ride had a skyline of Paris and a talking Gusteau sat in the build board above your head. The stunt car show was also amazing lots of drama and high speed chasing. On our final night we went to 'Planet Hollywood' where I had such a tasty chorizo pizza, if you haven't noticed by now I am obsessed with pizza. I had been on the hunt all weekend but unfortunately 'Pizza Planet' was closed gutted! As last time I went I had tonsillitis and it wasn't as enjoyable as I had hoped being in agony n all. I also had a little salad as I was craving something green after the amount of carbs I had stuffed into my face over the weekend. It was such a lovely meal and just what we needed for a great end to our trip away.

Have you ever been? What is your favourite bit of DisneylandParis? ox

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Perfect - A little bit of truth

I think as a human it is in my nature to compare myself with others and I know deep down a lot of us do it. I can feel myself scrolling through what seems to be perfection on the internet but in reality it is just a tiny piece of somebody's life. I don't know why I do it but I seem to thrive off torturing myself about what others have that I don't, or what others look like and where they are in life. I don't think it helps when we constantly get force fed what we should look like, or what we should eat. Also that we should all have a billion Instagram followers to be classed as anything worth while in life. That is when I realised that none of it means a thing! The word perfect is silly as nobody is perfection as life is full of ups and downs and we have to enjoy what we have as it could be a lot worse! I know the blogging world is a hard place to be recognised, not everyone is going to get sent on glamorous holidays and be given big packages of cosmetics and clothing to try. No one is going to turn down that lifestyle. Although it gets to that point when thinking that is the only goal of blogging sucks the fun out of it entirely. Let's face it there are plenty of us floating around in cyber space and I think for most of us it started because it is something we enjoy. Why let it be another platform to be made to feel like your not good enough?  Unfortunately there are lots of other ways for that to happen. Your little corner of the internet is something to be proud of. Watching it grow from what it was when you started should be reward enough. I know I'm saying this today and I might have a day when I feel its all pointless tomorrow but I feel it should be enjoyable, or why would we want to do it when we have lots of other things to worry about?

Another thing is the constant pressure to know how your future should be played out and what you exactly want from life. I am 23 and I have been in the same career area since I was 18, I knew I wanted a change but now. I do admit I miss it a little but not in a lets go backwards kind of a way. I just don't really know what I want to do with my life, well I do but I need to work to get the funds to do that and I think that is the scariest thing ever as it is one fat circle! I know my 40 year old self will not be worrying about any of this, rather worrying if my kids are making the right life choices and this will all be a vague memory but in the present its so frightening. If I want this amazing future surely I need to know what it is. I think this worry comes and goes but when it rears its ugly head it can be a little overwhelming. So I think I have got to stop and say to myself it is ok that I don't have everything planned out and maybe that is part of the fun? I am getting married next year and all that organising has made me grow up and I definitely know that part of my future is happening so it isn't like I am running into the next section of my life completely blindfolded. Well I know each big mile stone is a learn as you go along situation. So right now I am going to decide to go with it and see what happens. After all how can you worry about something that isn't even here yet?

I am not sure if that was a revelation of mine or just a rant either way I feel better.
I hope maybe this helps anybody who is in the same boat at the moment. ox

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Direction October 2015

I admit I have a deep love for OneDirection and I was truly devastated when I didn't manage to go to their previous tour. Knowing the dreaded news that they will be going their separate ways in March 2016.  I was not going to miss this opportunity.  One of my besties managed to bag us great seats with in a minute of them going on sale which is incredible! We were literally jumping up and down with excitement a whole 11months ago, which is crazy how fast this year is going! The day was finally here, we made our way to the BarclaycardArena surrounded by hundreds of One Directioners and tucked into some over priced chips although they were tasty so all is forgiven. I was gutted I didn't manage to get my hands on a flashing bow headband but hey. Whilst waiting we were serenaded by JamieLawson. I felt a little uncool as I didn't really know who he was but I was pleasantly surprised at how talented and really sweet he was. I mean it must be daunting to stand with your guitar on your own in front of that many screaming girls. When the lads came on stage I was instantly transformed into a screaming fangirl (so what if I am 23!)  I couldn't believe they were really standing in front of us. Got to say my camera roll was slightly biased towards Harry but he is my ultimate fave! I really enjoyed the fact that they made a big effort with the crowd and were so thankful to their fans for supporting them over five years. They have come a long way since those little boys on X factor.
The truth is I have adored them since the beginning and I was so happy to see them live.
We sang our hearts out and danced around, we had such a good time it just seemed to fly by.
I can honestly say it was one of my favourite concerts I have ever been to and this type of thing is not the usual concert I go to. It was nice to be part of something bigger and our Liam made us feel special by saying he was over the moon to be back in Birmingham bless! ox

(Apologies for the lack of photos in the post but they were awful quality.)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Homemade pizza

It's been a very sad couple of days so I thought I would back track to last weekend when I did something I enjoyed. 
My Italian friend makes pizza a lot and I have always wanted to as I find take away can be over priced, greasy and just crammed full of junk. Don't get me wrong I am a huge pizza addict! There isn't a day where I would say no. So I thought I would have a go at making my own. Ok I cheated on the base as I didn't really have two hours to wait. I opted for the wholemeal base which is a lot healthier and tastes just as nice. I used sun dried tomaoto purée for one and normal purée for the other. Unfortunately I found the sun dried tomato purée a little too salty for me. we used low fat mozzerella as I am living on the stuff at the moment! we added fresh tomato oregarno and Italian Milano salami which is my favorite. We put sausage and chorizo, onion and peppers on the other. I've got to say I was so happy with them. They tasted amazing and don't get me wrong they are a little naughty but it was nice to know exactly what was going into them. 

Have you made your own before? Ox 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Getting organised - Wedding style

This weekend I feel like I have really achieved something when it comes to wedding planning. On Friday I went to a wedding dress shop just to have a look. I never would of thought I would of found 'the one' on my first attempt at looking! As I am extremely fussy, I was nervous and I didn't know what to expect plus I was a little daunted by the sea of white dresses. I was given three tags to place on dresses I wanted to try on. My dream dress which was something I hadn't even of thought I would of liked. It was the first one I put my tag on! I tried another two but something just felt right in the first one. I felt amazing and my first dance song came on whilst I was standing in it. That's when I had a little cry opps! I couldn't of imagined anything more perfect. I went to YourWeddingShop and I can't praise them enough we managed to go on a day where we could make an offer on the dresses and we got a brilliant deal. They made me feel instantly comfortable as I am not used to this type of thing. The dresses were all designer one offs which I thought was so special that nobody else would have that exact dress. They gave me chocolate and champagne and I was buzzing with excitement! They had a very busy day and we did arrive pretty late but they still made time for us and I'm so glad I went there! 
Next we went to TheBristolPear a renervated old pub that has been transformed into a place with a really good vibe the food was so tasty for such a good price and my mom treated me to a Cherrt Bakewell cocktail that tasted incredibly like the cake. Also the spicey coleslaw was right up my street! Saturday I managed to get four out of my five bridesmaids in one place I bought snacks and we spent the afternoon testing out bridesmaids dresses and we think we might have found the one. Just awaiting the return of one more bridesmaid who was greatly missed. We all have strong opinions so it was great that we all liked the same one. It was so exciting to start doing the big things for the wedding it feels a lot more real now and I can't flippin' wait! ox 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Happy Birchday Box

I recieved my September Birchbox and I wanted to share it with you as it is their 5th Birthday. I have been a subscriber for around a year now and I love them! It feels like a mini Christmas when I receive the box outside my door. I get all excited. Firstly the box is gorgous created by a fellow Birchbox enthusiast with little water colour balloons. So in the box I have an own brand tangle tamer which is perfect as I am in need of new one pronto. Benefit pore - fessional licence to blot. This is very handy for me as I have combination skin so any product to reduce shine is always helpful. John masters organics citrus and neroli detangler. I havn't used this yet but after washing my hair it needs all the detangling power possible and I look forward to testing this product out. It also smells delicious. I recieved the  LAQA & CO cheeky lip in Humble brag. I love these kind of lip products at the moment lip colour that gives moisture at the same time. This is a lovely subtle pinky nude colour which I am more than happy to add to my collection. Next Bliss body butter in lemon and sage. I was a little wary I might smell like a chicken ready for the oven with this scent but I was pleasantly surprised. Plus you can never have enough body butters! Lastly Beauty protector beauty wash. I am a real fan of this brand so I look forward to trying something different from them. 

Are you a subscriber? If so what products did you get this month?ox 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Drugstore Budget Beauty Haul

I thought I would share with you a few of my recent favourites from the drugstore which happen to be great if your on a budget. If you've been on my blog before you'll know I'm a sucker for a bargain and all of these products are such good quality. 

First up the Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Corrector Palette. 
I am a huge fan of Makeup Revolution they are a perfect brand for me as their products are such high quality for great prices. I've seen a view reviews on this product and part of my thought, Is it worth purchasing? I don't know if it will make a difference. Although as soon as I tried it I instantly noticed a difference. My dark circles are my enemy and I've got to say the yellow shade sorted that out no problem. The green really evened out my skin tone and I just felt my makeup looked nicer over the top. It come with eight colour correcting super creamy shades. The only thing I would say is make sure your face is moisturised before using this as it can leave skin a little dry. My favorite shade has to be the highlighter it is incredible, immediately makes your face glow and it is so easy to blend.

Next is the Rimmel Colour Rush Colour Balms. I know I've raved about these before but I found some more colours and I just needed them ok? I am in love with the Viva Violet which I have mentioned but I bought the Make Me Blush. Which I have used so much the writing as almost completely rubbed off. It's a lovely soft pink colour. As well as All you need is pink which is a really bright pinkish red. These last all day no matter if you've been eating or drinking. They add moisture to your lips and put such a beautiful pop of colour into your look, I'm in love with them! 

MUA is another high quality brand for low prices that I am obsessed with at the moment. I purchased three nude shades of lipstick for £1 each! I bought Bare a subtle your lips but better dusty pink. Shade 11 which is a kylie Jenner type darker nude. In addition to the Shade 9 which is a mauve colour with a shimmer. They are all stunning and last such a long time. So pigmented for a pound it's happy days! 

Lastly from the same brand I purchased a while back the Undress your skin shimmer highlighter. A glorious illuminating pink shade. I loved it so much I bought the Iridescent Gold which is a gold yellow shimmer perfect for going glam! 

What are your favorite products from these brands? Ox 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

A weekend trip to the big smoke.

Recently we went to London for a few days. We stopped with our friends and in the morning we decided to try out the 'Boris bikes' baring in mind I havn't rode a bike since I was around 11. Let's just say I wasn't the best of the group! Or even that stable but the weather was glorious and we had some amazing food! Including mini versions of fish n chips, chicken wings and homemade wedges in  a tapas style. Which we all really enjoyed. We stumbled across a canal boat that turned out to be a super cute tea room where I had such a beaut chocolate milkshake. We also went to a comedy night and we were placed on nearly the front row. Luckily there was not too much attention on me or my friend sat next to me. Unfortunately for the boys they were not so lucky! I've got to say I really loved this little weekend away and I do always think in my head when I leave it must be nice to live here. So much to do and see although I'm not sure if I'm cut out for the hustle and bustle of the big city. My favorite place has to be Camden were I managed to grab a bargin and find some really cool not so ordinary presents for one my besties leaving gifts. All in all a great weekend and I would like to thank our friends for having us! 

What your favourite thing to do in London? ox 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Benefit world famous neutrals

I have never purchased eyeshadows from Benefit before. So when I was given this as a gift I was extremely excited to try it out. I instantly was drawn in by the gorgeous packaging and helpful tips on how to apply the products to achieve different looks. The shadows are so smooth and lovely to apply. My favourite has to be the cream creaseless shadows in Bikini - tini a gorgous soft oyster pink and Holy smokes a smokey charcoal. They have such a rich texture and look great on their own. They can be layered so easily and can be used as a liner. The long wear powder shadows include milk it, rain check, pause for applause and blingo. This collection of shadows are great for a suitable day time look and Holy smokes can be combined with any of the powder shadows to turn the look into night time glam.  

Retailing at £23.50
© As told by Emmi
Maira Gall