Monday, 8 December 2014

Sunday outfit of the day

I thought I would share with you my outfit from yesterday as I really enjoyed wearing it. I am loving the cold shoulder 90s vibe at the moment which is strange, as I used to wear tops like the one above when I was about nine but they are back with a vengeance and I adore them. I think it just adds a little something to an outfit. I got this beaut from Boohoo. I am equally obsessed with tartan and I bought this snood from Tesco last year. It just goes with so much and is super easy to wear. I teamed these items with some leather look leggings from primark which only cost me a couple of quid and have lasted ages. As for my jacket I have been wanting one of these for a life time from Topshop and bagged myself one this year and can't stop wearing it. It's fleece lined which is brilliant for these chilly months but it isn't too heavy either. 

I want to do more posts like this, what do you think? Ox 


  1. Definitely make more posts like this, I love the scarf and the jacket! xx

    1. Thank you :) I might do some festive outfits soon. Had a look at your blog your nail art is so cute!


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