Friday, 26 December 2014

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone is enjoying their christmas!

I just thought I would write how grateful I am for such a lovely couple of days. I have been extremely lucky this year and go everything I wanted and more but I really feel that christmas is not about receiving presents. I must say I felt more excited to give my presents this year just waiting for the reaction as I always try and find gifts a little less ordinary and I made a few this time around as well which probably is not cute as I am twenty two but I love anything arty so I thought why not get creative and give something personal and I have got to say I am pleased with the outcome which is pretty rare for me as I lack confidence in my art most of the time. 
What I really enjoyed was waking up in the morning in my own flat opening presents from under my own tree. Also my mom bought my grandad a game from the 1950s and it was so lovely to really spend some quality time with my family even if my mom won! My grandparents are always so grateful for what they receive and it was so nice to see them happy.
I will do some reviews on all the lovely things santa brought. 

what is your favourite part of Christmas? ox

Reindeer decoration from Sainsbury's 

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