Saturday, 22 November 2014


As I had a week off we thought we would go somewhere nice for just a day or two. Originally looking at Liverpool, we found a really good deal for two nights at the JurysInn in Dublin city centre for a lot cheaper so we thought why not. I have been to Ireland a couple of times before as a lot of my family originate from there but it was when I was a lot younger. As my partner had never been before  I thought it would be a great opportunity. The first thing I noticed was how everyone was so friendly it was really lovely just to have people be polite I know it sounds silly but it really is refreshing.
The hotel was modern, clean and the beds were so comfy. The weather was a little bit chilly to say the least but any chance to wear a hat and I am on, it so I didn't really mind. We spent most of our time just walking around exploring what was around us and soaking up the atmosphere. we found a little place that really stood out for lunch on our first day, called Elephantandcastle it looked so inviting from outside and definately caught our eye, it was suave and chic but we felt relaxed immediately. As for the food, I went for one of the club sandwiches and I was really impressed. It was everything I was after fresh, flavorful and loads of it! We also found a pub right by our hotel on the corner and we went in there every day. (Unfortunately I do not know the name sorry.) I am a creature of habit and if I find somewhere I like I will go in there over and over again, my boyfriend is the same. We tend to do this everywhere we go. It was the type of pub that you could sit in for hours. Quilted booths, waiter service and yes those chips in the picture above! Amazing! I mean just look at those bad boys those are the kind of carbs you forget about your diet for. I even tried my first Guinness and black, I can't say I loved it but I am glad I tried. All in all a really great couple of days shame about the massive cold we both came back with. Winter is definitely here!

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