Saturday, 15 November 2014

Autumn ombré

As much as I loved my recent hair change, I felt it wasn't drastic enough and as I have wanted ombré for such a long time I just took the plunge. It took a lot less time to do as I was all over blonde prior to this. I must admit when I saw the colour at the top to begin with I freaked out a little. As it was super dark to what I was used to. Apart from my silver hair I think this is my favorite hair colour/colours I've had yet and that is saying something as I have been dying my hair since I was thirteen! I really love how the colours blend and with a little texture spray and a quick run through with your fingers you've got that boho messy look as I am super lazy at times and not having to spend ages on my hair is pretty nice. 

Have you made any changes for autumn? ox 

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