Sunday, 15 June 2014

June beauty favourites



I know I have really got to start keeping my blog consistent but trying to juggle everything at the moment is a bit if struggle. So I thought to myself I must make time for the things I enjoy and my little blog is one of them. Here is a couple of my June favorites firstly Benefit stay don't stray eyeshadow primer. I watch so many makeup tutorials and pretty much 98% of them use eyeshadow bases or primers so you can imagine my delight when this little beaut turned up in my Birchbox. It goes on just as easily as a concealer and a little really does go along way. when I use it I do notice how it enhances my eyeshadow and keeps it there without smudging around my eyes especially on a night out that super helpful. Secondly Rimmel London gel liner now this is a god send, I have been looking for something like this for ages. If you have read my previous posts you will know I have an obsession for eyeliner and I am on the constant quest for the easiest way to create the ole cat eye. This little pot is great, it's thick but doesn't clog and spreads lovely and smooth. I find the little brush is very helpful for that extra precision. Next up Clarins hydra quench cream I have combination skin and I need a moisturiser that hydrates my skin but doesn't leave it shiney and this is my go to at the moment. A tiny bit leaves my face all dewy and soft without being greasy, happy days! I had to throw in some Soap and glory in my favorites and my best friend right now is Hand food. My Job leads me to washing my hands a lot with harsh antibacterial soaps and gels and it really can take its toll. I have been putting this on a lot recently and I have there is such a difference, it starts to fix any damage straight away and it smells amazing! My favorite lipstick this month has to be Revlon pink pout which originally I bought as a dupe for MAC Snob. I automatically fell in love with it as it's such a gorgeous soft pink that adds that girly feel to any look without being to in your face. Which is new for me as I am a sucker for bright lippy! Finally Liz Earl cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser I have never tried a cleanser like this before but it came with a little wash cloth aswell which I found interesting. After using it my face felt so lovely and clean and with the hot cloth it just feels like your face is getting a deeper clean. 

Have you found any favourites this month? xo 

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