Sunday, 23 March 2014

One pound nails

I got so excited when I saw these that I bought five pairs and chose the metallic ones for a night out. I got them from 'Primark' for just one pound each! Nobody can moan at that that and they did have a nice variety to choose from. I found them very easy to apply and it's great value for money as you get a little glue and spares inside the box too. Only thing I would say was maybe purchase a stronger glue for application, as I did find on my night out they disappeared one by one. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014


We had a little trip to IKEA today and whenever I go I just want everything. We went from having a yellow plastic bag with a few bits in to a whole trolley in a few minutes. Although we were pretty thrifty and managed to get a large amount of stuff for decent price so we were proud of ourselves. As you can tell I bought a lot of glass wear the photo above is of a few of my favorites. I'm obsessed with vintage jars and bottles for storage and as they were under three pound each I could not help myself. To be honest I don't really know what il put in taller bottle but I think it is so cute! 
Starting to buy things for the house is getting me very excited about moving out. Although on the other hand we realised how many things we are going to have to buy to make our house resemble a proper home but I guess it's all part of the fun. 

I'd love to know of any places where you can get household items that are a little out of ordinary, any ideas? xo 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Birthday Mac Cosmetics

I do adore Mac makeup but I can only justify purchasing their products when it's a special occasion at the moment. I turned twenty two, two weeks ago and I forgot I had bought these with some birthday money I was given. 

First up Mac mineralize foundation a few of my work friends swear by this foundation and I have always liked the look of it as it seemed really easy to apply and I wasn't disappointed when I finally got round to getting myself some. It comes in a petite compact with a compartment for the application sponge. I found that it needed around two applications to get the right coverage for me as I do prefer high coverage especially on a night out. It was soft and not cakey which I was surprised at as it is pretty thick. I loved that with a few sweeps your ready to go. Which is great as I am always in a rush. it's lovely and light weight and I did feel it lasted pretty well. 

Lastly I got another Retro matte lipstick in All fired up which is a gorgeous burgundy red which I think really adds a pop of colour aswell as something a bit retro and classy to a look specially with cat eye eyeliner. I must say I think the matte lipsticks are my favorite even though my Mac lipstick collection isn't exactly big they just seem to last for ever such a long time and I love that non sticky feeling.  

What's your favorite Mac lipstick? ox 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


This is a belated post as my birthday was a few weeks ago but I thought i would blog something about it as I had such a lovely time. I have only heard good things about Chester and I was not disappointed. We got our four star hotel for £46 each which is super reasonable as it was possibly the poshed hotel I have ever been to, on good ole 'late'. We went for a little shopping trip in the town on the Monday and it was so cute with cobbled streets it reminded me of York. we had amazing fish and chips that was cooked fresh in front of you for dirt cheap and we checked out the huge primark. (As pathetic as it sounds we have a tradition of going to primark in every city we visit). To finish the trip we went to 'Central perk' which was a 'Friends' themed coffee shop. It was brilliant they had picked out every detail and turned it into reality. So all in all I'd definately recommend a visit! ox 

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Maira Gall