Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New York

This is very belated post as New York was around a month ago now which is crazy as it feels like yesterday but I must say I did need some time to recover. Firstly I had never experienced jet lag before so that was interesting. Also I was clever enough to wear brand new leather converse which tore my feet to pieces but I walked through the pain and had the most amazing time. As pathetic as it sounds we felt like we were in the movies and when anything New York related comes on television now we geek out. We did all the tourist type things that everyone tells you to go to and we treated ourselves to a few items that we couldn't justify at home. The food was unbelieveable and we did eat our own body weight in carbs but I think with all the walking it balanced itself out (I hope!) I must say the hop on buses were vital we learnt a lot and soon got to grips with as much as we could in the time we had. Also we had a little soft spot for one of the tour guides who was freezing cold but kept everyone happy with his sense of humour. I would happily go again just maybe in more comfortable footwear. 

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