Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clothes show live

Sunday was so much fun I took my friend to the Clothes show live as she had never been before. I went on the intention to buy a few Christmas presents but it turned out to be a "go on treat yourself!" kind of a day. I didn't buy many of the goodie bags this year as a couple of them were abit too similar to the ones I already own. I bought the Rimmel one this year which consisted of Sun shimmer instant tan which unfortunately I do not use, I know what a freak I must be! I am pale and have learnt to embrace it as I really do not think I can pull off the bronzed goddess look. Maybe one day! I also got a Salon pro Kate nail varnish in a gorgeous post box red colour so I am looking forward to using that on the ole fingers and toes. My new best friend is the Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara I thought to myself nothing is going to come close to the MAC mascara I own but this is lovely the brush is in a shape I have never seen before and fans out your lashes beautifully so they are long but not clumpy, so this might be my new go to mascara when I want my makeup to look a bit more girly. As for the Wake me up foundation all I've heard from this product is lots of positive reactions so I got really excited knowing it was in my goodie bag, until I saw it was just a tiny sample packet in a colour to dark for me. Can't say I wasn't disappointed, never the less I will give it ago to see if I should buy the full sized bottle. Anyway for a fiver I can't really moan can I? 

Next purchase was those adorable boots! I've seen them on a few Instagrams and websites and they have been rather expensive but I grabbed these for £25 which I was over the moon about! I plan to wear these out completely over these chilly months. 

My favorite purchase of the day was the hot pink Ted Baker bag. I got this little beauty half price, I was still trying to convince myself not to buy it but my friend can be very persuasive and I am so glad I bought it!  Although it is pretty summer/spring I think it adds colour to any outfit no matter the season! 

I also purchased some Helen E Glitters and some THK Turn Up The Heat Digital Staightners but I shall do a seperate review on those bad boys! 

An extra thrill of excitement was spotting a few celebs from a far but having to fight through an army of girls just seemed to exhausting so we didn't really attempt it. Jamie from MIC posed nicely for a photo and Lucky for us Union J turned up in the stall next to us and after shouting Union J are behind you several times to my friend before she realised what I was saying, we took some cheeky photos. So all in all a good day out!

Any bargains your proud of this month? ox 

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