Monday, 8 July 2013


I am not the most free spirit out there, I love my electrical equipment and I have a deep need to be clean so only having a bucket as a shower for two days was pretty scary. I was also a little anxious about sleeping in a shed all weekend, but it turned out to be the most glamourous camping trip I have had to date. The weather helped, we had gorgeous sunshine every day and Brighton is such a lovely place to be. I had never been there before and I had only heard good things so we thought this weekend we should give it a go. I really loved the atmosphere, the mixture between the hustle and bustle, quirky little backstreets with little vintage shops and the british excitement of being at the sea side.
I must say my favourite part was winning a plastic blow up alien, I was extremely happy with myself.
As for our little shepherds hut we found our selves growing attached to our little bed and cooker, as well as waking up with a sheep at the window just checking if we were ok. So our time in the countryside was hardly bare grills but I did feel like I had achieved something even if anti bacterial hand gel is now my new best friend.

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